Meet Miss Hollywood of Paisley’s Luxe Boutique

We wanted to get to know the owner of Paisley’s Luxe Boutique, Miss Hollywood:

Creativity has been a part of my family for generations. Our family is predominantly women in which my great grandmother Cora McCoy was a seamstress. My mother inherited her talents while growing up. My mother Carlina McCoy in the early 1980s won a trophy for design for a cashmere sweater and a streetwear jogging suit which was displayed in the museum of science of industry in Chicago, Illinois.  

As you can see, it was a gift passed down from observing. I soon realized that within me was a love for it. I continued to start creating when I was younger all the way to my adult life with pottery/home decor and clothing.

For myself, I’ve always been destined to create my own path. I’ve known that I was not an average living American, who gets up and goes to work, just to serve the people in the way that my boss may have appointed me to. I would literally have my eyes creating designs and mood boards as if I was dreaming. I see it so vividly like I’m able to touch, taste, and feel my creativity. 

The next big thing for me was how to get it on paper. Well, I wasn’t quite the best sketcher, but I got it down as best as I could and with samples and directing my designs came to life. From then on, it was a game changer for me. Creativity flows through my mind daily.

When I hear the term “alpha female”, the first thing that comes to mind is: relentless, tenacious, resilient; someone who pushes and doesn’t wait for doors to open. The one who has the key to unlock every door that she desires to walk through.


Who are your top picks for actresses and actors who inspire you?

  1. Angela Bassett.
  2. Viola Davis.
  3. Oprah Winfrey.
  4. Whoppie Goldberg.
  5. Denzel, Washington.
  6. Samuel Jackson.
  7. Forrest Whitaker.
  8. Liam Neeson.
  9. Tyler Perry.


Tell us more about your business. 

Paisleys Luxe Boutique was named after my youngest daughter Paisley. I am a mother of four daughters, and all of my pregnancies were overdue. With this particular pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight, and she came before her due date. Two things that stood out to me about her after birth. First, she was very tiny, but a bundle of joy. Also that she was special. Her eyes were open as if she knew exactly what she wanted out of life already. Her birth is a symbol of the birthing of my brand. I didn’t have much money to start it, but with the little I had came abundance. From styling celebrities to LA runway shows to Atlanta HBCU runway shows to my own personal runway show was something that came from a small storefront that was 620 sq ft. “Luxe” is for the quality and luxury pieces that my brand creates and carries. The word Boutique has significance in retrospect, a place that carries unique pieces with a small quantity.

What are your next steps?

I will use my platform for all up-and-coming creators to inspire them on their journey to be a self reflection of a mirrored  process to ensure them although this role can get cringey to have the wheel power in the relentlessness to stay driven and consistent also to stay a positive in influencers/creators eyes. I will be coming out with a book and hitting the BET awards in AMA’s, and with the favor of God, I will be part of the global awards and the Emmys .


Check out Miss Hollywood:

IG @misshollywooddream

IG @map_ productionstv

IG @hairart_77

Wardrobe: Paisleys_Luxe_Boutique


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