Empowering Through Fiction: The Diverse Worlds of Deborah M. Pratt

Creator, writer, director, producer, novelist, and playwright, Deborah M. Pratt has continued to work relentlessly on her venture. In support of writers during the strike, she is still building and putting her energy into her products, books, and play. She has been crafting her works to be released later this year into next year.

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Deborah’s series of sci-fi/fantasy novels was created in hopes of inspiring children, penning an empowering collection of four books with THE VISION QUEST – The Atlantian, The Academy, The Odyssey, and Panazia. These are all currently available for purchase on Amazon. A fifth book, Salvation, is in the works. The series is about three friends, set in the not-too-distant future where, after the Great Quakes of 2029, survivors unified and relaunch time. Human genetics were placed into animals, creating a host of alternate species. Their humanity is so new to them and they remember the powers humans have forgotten and begin to teach those humans willing to learn.

Deborah will follow that series with a new book series called MIRRORS. The first book, MIRRORS: THE DRAGON MIRROR, is an adventure fantasy about two, young African American sisters who explore the attic in an old family home. While playfully trying to scare her younger sister by pushing her, both girls fall through a mirror into a parallel world. They must heal the wounds left by their father’s death, work together to survive the dangers they face, and figure out the secret to reunite with their mother waiting on the other side. Deborah’s readers will enjoy this “dark but magical tale.” The book will be available in the Fall of 2023, but it does not stop there. Her readers can also look forward to other projects in the works.

Photo by Miezeer Images – Mike Ricardo


THE LEGEND OF SOUL is a fantasy tale of Black Girl Magic, set in New Orleans. Janiece needs to discover the inner power she holds inside and find the courage to fight a 200-year-old, evil voodoo Queen to save her father. That book is projected to be released in early 2024. Deborah writes material that supports female empowerment and encourages readers to find courage within themselves to survive. All of her works are tied to one another in the most unique way.

She is also in the beginning developments of her WARRIOR ONE interactive game and series is centered around the young girl living in her Vision Quest, future Earth universe. WARRIOR ONE will bring life to all of her other material and she’s working on a campaign for it as well at www.warrioroneworld.com

She has been featured on podcasts and will be speaking at the Book Fest book fest October 22nd of this year. Join her. She has her fans driving what she wants to create so in turn, she wants to drive her readers towards a campaign they can actually be a part of.

And let’s not forget that Deborah M. Pratt is the creator of the dynamic NBC TV series QUANTUM LEAP. The show was rebooted in 2022 for yet another turn to entertain new audiences and was recently picked up for a second season. QUANTUM LEAP aired October 4, 2023. It can also be seen on Peacock. 

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