Joy Ekhator Brings Back African Beauty

Skincare has evolved over the years. It has been elevated. Now, we have to understand more about what we need daily to keep our skin looking its best. Our roots will always stay the same, we just have the technology to refine them and extract exactly what we need. This is what Joy Ekhator did with her luxury skincare brand Lovinah. Just in time for Women’s history month, comes a new trailblazer in the beauty industry you want to know more about.


Black History & Joy

Joy Ekhator Founder of Lovinah | Alpha Magazines


Utilizing the power of African remedies to satisfy modern skincare needs. Joy represents the type of inspiring woman that should be celebrated, especially during Black History month.

During the month of February, it is important to acknowledge people of color who have made an impact on the community. Joy has helped make the beauty industry a little more diverse. She showcased the power African culture has, and the ways its remedies can be utilized to create modern solutions. Furthermore, as a successful entrepreneur Joy Ekhator represents an inspirational figure.


Black Skin Care Products for Cystic Acne


Joy has always believed in the healing power of nature. She experienced painful cystic acne that impacted her quality of life. After various products did nothing for her skin, Joy started to wonder what the next step should be. Shortly after, Joy realized that her children had problematic skin too.

After the doctor prescribed her son steroid treatment, she knew she had to do something. That is when Joy turned to mother nature and the raw power of traditional African remedies.

Gaining skin health expertise, Joy launched Lovinah, a brand that brought her so much success and allowed her to make an impactful change in the beauty industry. Dominated by giant corporations, the beauty industry doesn’t often allow much space for smaller indie brands. However, Joy applied her knowledge to a unique brand and gave people something different.


Beauty Sourced From Africa

LOVINAH Dragon’s Blood Cream | Alpha Magazines


As Joy grew up in Nigeria in a traditional African home, it was important that she personally sources botanicals, extracts, clay, and oils, ensuring their quality.

Ekhator believes that her grandmother who was an herbalist, traditional doctor, bone setter, and midwife made a big impact on her life. Allowing her to become who she is today. Witnessing the power nature can have from a very young age.

Now, the brand inspired by African resources can be found on Macy’s online, with independent vendors, or directly on their website.


The Brand of Generational Beauty Secrets


Lovinah is a brand that allows a modern woman to enjoy beauty secrets that were passed on through generations. Using Lovinah products allows for a luxurious experience that feels revigorating.

Lovinah was featured in the media numerous times, and Joy enjoys helping people overcome struggles with their skin. She left her high-paying tech job to pursue the brand’s growth full-time.

She sets a great example for others who are thinking about venturing into entrepreneurship. Joy believes in devoting energy to activities that bring happiness, and uplift the spirit. Her constant hunger for self-improvement, passion for skin health, and desire to help people around her feel great helped her create a successful brand.


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