Singer Shannon K Sets New Standards in Music Business

From India to the United States, music artist Shannon K has been on quite a unique journey with her music career. 

It began when she was young, constantly being surrounded by music because her father was in Bollywood. She joined him in recording sessions, shows, and had so many experiences that the industry became her safe space. Watching her dad only made her want to do more with music as a singer. She was gradually inclined to learn more Western songs. She also had training including theory and ear training in London. 

Shannon K at 2023 Cannes Film Festival


Shannon K at 2023 Cannes Film Festival


When she moved to the United States in 2018, she dove right into the Hollywood scene. She connected with famous producer Poo-Bear and they recorded a song called “A Long Time”. This is when her journey truly began. 

Although she grew up around music and had parental influence when it came to the professional and business side of things, the process was challenging because of being young and naive. She had no real knowledge of what people wanted to see and hear. What’s interesting is most people told her to follow a trend or act like a certain artist, but she wasn’t being herself.  So Shannon took time to explore herself and play with different sounds. It was important to her to stay authentic to herself. She said, “Music is not just for entertainment. It’s also to heal people and raise awareness about certain topics because it’s more than the surface.” Things really clicked when she started incorporating her Indian heritage into her background; this became her sound. 

Most artists have some sort of inspiration they pull from. For Shannon, it’s her parents. “My Dad, when it comes to music and life in general, his experiences and his struggles have really inspired me to keep going. It encourages me to have a positive attitude towards life.” 

Shannon’s also very analytical and has learned what captures an audience. She said, “The industry also looks up to certain people who have something to say and use their platform to help and influence a community.” Therefore, some of the music artists she looks up to are Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande who are advocates for mental health. She also admires Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep for their acting skills.

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We asked her if there was a defining moment in her childhood that has made her who she is today. She started off by saying, “My life has been a blessing from God/Destiny/Universe whoever you call to, and I think all of us are here for a reason.” She went on to tell a story, “ When I was two days old, I was abandoned, and then at 22 days old I was adopted by my parents. During those few days before the adoption, my future was absolutely blank. People didn’t know if I would get adopted or even survive. But I was blessed by the universe and had a purpose to live in this life with a glorious, musical family who love me and support my dreams.”

A huge part of who Shannon is comes from growing up with parents who taught good values and morals, which she holds “close to my heart”. She says, “Whether it’s in music or in my personal life, my values and morals come first. At times I hesitate to make decisions which makes my success slower but that’s what has made me who I am.  

Photo by Miezeer Images – Mike Ricardo


Another defining time in her life was when she first moved to the States and faced discrimination. “I got a lot of eyeballs rolling at me and I got a lot of people in the industry who didn’t understand my background or how to support me,” she said. It only helped her become more empathetic toward people. Two main causes she supports are mental health and animal cruelty which is part of this. 

One of Shannon’s favorite projects that she’s done so far is a song for anti-bullying called “Give Me Your Hand”. “That was the most beautiful song I’ve worked on,” she said. Working with Grammy-winning producer Cal Townsend on it was beautiful because she was able to talk about things that made her feel afraid and insecure. She was happy to share “something close to my heart” and let people know “they’re not the only ones and not alone”. Many celebrities also participated in this including David Arquette, Brittany Snow, and Ed Westwick. 

Photo by Miezeer Images – Mike Ricardo


In the future, Shannon looks forward to hopefully working with Bruno Mars because she loves his songs and writing skills, and Selena Gomez. When it comes to acting, she’d love the opportunity to work alongside Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and it would “be an honor to share the screen with Meryl Streep,” she said.


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