The-O’Dora introduces their variety pack of sanitary wipes for women suffering from TSS.

New Comer to The Feminine Care Industry Caters to The Wellness Below the Bikini Area



While we women are still fighting for our rights about the ownership of our bodies, there are brands still helping us in our most sensitive times. When dealing with products in the bikini area we all have to be careful. Toxic Shock Syndrom (TSS) is known to affect around 0.8 to 3.4 per 100,000 in the United States (3-6 people per 100,000) according to the National Library of Medicine. Symptoms of TSS include fever, headaches/ migraines, and a plethora of other life-threatening conditions. 

While products have gotten better, there is always a concern about the overuse of chemicals in something so simple as a menstruation pad.


Looking beyond the typical

Major brands in the feminine sanitary napkin industry have catered to the need of comfort and have given options of products that we can use; pads, tampons, cups, etc. However, they provide a means to an end. The reality is, that we hear more options of devices to help us through, but we rarely hear of these companies giving options to those of us who are sensitive to most chemicals.

Texas-based emerging brand, The-O’Dora is giving women an option of comfort and health with the introduction of their variety pack. Arlene Parris shares her reasoning for creating this brand, “We shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and health. What we go through is natural, but some of us are sensitive to the chemicals infused with pads or tampons.” The brand is a branch of Arlene Parris’ Miss Arlene’s which owns multiple brands catering to health, lifestyle, and home.


Who is Arlene Parris

Finding a way to ease TSS symptoms is a large part of the brand. The CEO tells us “I suffered debilitating cramps from the first time I experienced woman-hood. I found out through the years I did show signs of TSS from using certain products.” The brand which is named after her late mother, Theodora [Tee],  is dedicated to the matron that took care of her in her time of need. “My mother listened to me in those times and did what was best. If I needed to stay home, she allowed it. If I needed tea or herbs to calm the pain, she got me it.

Parris found through a long search for all-natural sanitary products specific pads and cleansing wipes that worked for her. The only catch,it was not retailed. While testing the product through herself and other women who either had TSS symptoms or were curious about the napkins, she discovered there was an interest in new health-focused menstruation-aiding products.


Why come up with a brand to cater to this need?

Many studies show when you use all-natural products in your day-to-day life, it will aid and assist with preventing many issues with your natural body. Major label sanitary napkin companies fill their liners, pads, and tampons with chemicals to aid in absorption. Sometimes the chemicals come from the production of the product itself. It may be something many companies are not even aware of. 

However, Arlene created the product as a woman who suffers from chemical sensitivity, and for those who want more natural products for the most sensitive areas on their body. The-O’Dora is Made with Proven Negative Ion Technology, Powerfully Shields Against Germs & Bacteria, and Diminishes Bad Odor. “We feel the great need to educate and make them [women] aware of health hazards associated with their monthly menstrual cycle. The awareness should be created to emphasize why the use of natural sanitary products is extremely important,” states Parris.

Currently, the brand has the Variety Pack available for those who would like to test the pads and wipes. This product is also FDA-approved, which is always a big plus!


How this is revitalizing the industry 

There are few brands in this industry that are created and run by a woman. Having a Black woman-owned brand that caters to all women for this particular need is very rare. Arlene Parris of The-O’Dora is very open with her experience and encourages people to let her know what they are experiencing during their “time of the month”. If you have questions or would like to join a community for all those looking to create wellness in this space contact Arlene Parris.


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