Alpha Magazines is a vision, imagined, and created by CEO and founder, Luciano Layne. Alpha Magazines began to flourish in 2017 as a men’s quarterly. Later in 2019, Alpha would blossom all while evolving into today’s best publication. Alpha is no longer purely male-centric, there is more to embrace. Including high end, artistic, and editorial photography of original quality. As you explore Alpha Magazines, you will behold an exquisite appearance, modern layout, and powerful content centered on empowering readers.


What is an Alpha? Alpha has no definitive ethnicity, career, or background. Alphas are successful as individuals without gauging accomplishment based on societal norms. Alpha is self-aware. Alpha is confident. Alpha is humble. Alpha is assertive. Alpha carries conviction in his or her beliefs. Alpha seeks to empower. Alpha is a leader. Alphas dominate.