What does it mean to be an ALPHA? An ALPHA is a leader, is confident, is self-aware, and is humble and steadfast in the face of adversity. In a year like 2020 we have all been challenged to embrace our inner ALPHA as we move into an unknown period with drive and determination unmatched by any of the obstacles in our way. The past twelve months have taught us how to rest, how to heal, how to mourn, and, most importantly, how to join forces and stand unified in the face of change. Sometimes elevating requires separation. You can’t have new blessings if you’re sticking to old hab- its, and the growth and painful rebirth that 2020 has brought on can be used to harness your abili- ties and build your empire from the ground up. There are too many credits and not enough creators, and it’s time for the strong to take hold of their talents and use them in a way that lights the path for those around them. 2021 is coming, and it is going to be the year of the ALPHA, and of everything that being a dominant creator and a force of nature in the world stands for. Join us in our journey as we bring 2020 to a close and usher in that new era