Lil C Will Encourage You to Follow Your Dreams

There were so many signs for Chris McMiller to become an Actor. He recalls the moment he realized that perhaps this was the direction to go to. His ex was a Nail Tech and sometimes Chris would visit her at work hangout and watch movies. He remembers residing every line from all the Actors word for word and hearing her whisper to her clients, “He really should pursue Acting.”


Chris McMiller otherwise known as Lil C was born and raised in Ewing NJ. Not fitting in at his regular high school he decided to drop out in 10th grade but when Chris joined a military school, he immediately excelled, began growing spiritually and familiarizing himself with the Bible which had a big impact on him. Chris graduated with a new sense of confidence. After realizing that by going in a non-conventional direction he was happier and better for it and so, Chris decided to take another leap of faith, leaving his hometown and his support system of loved ones. Chris will be traveling across the country to pursue his career as an Actor. Not sitting and waiting for an opportunity to fall into his lap. Chris began creating opportunities for himself by connecting with a team and putting together a short film to showcase his budding abilities as a fresh young Actor. This will be his first film launching in 2023.


He shares two major life changing experiences. The first experience was a chance meeting Will Smith at work, when Chris was with Good Morning America. Someone told Will, “This kid looks like you.”  It got Will’s attention so he invited him into the green room and gave him a handshake, they had a small conversation about Chris and wanting to pursue Acting and Will was nothing but encouraging. Will ended the conversation with, “I’ll see you at work!” It was that moment that Chris knew. The second life changing experience was meeting Kanye West. Kanye has a school, and it was having a homecoming in Chicago.

Chris sat court side next to Kanye and shared how he wanted to pursue acting. Kanye said, “When the world turns their back to you, you turn your back and create your vision.” And he continued to give him encouraging words. Those two experiences were the highlights that made Chris not wait and decide to pursue it now!


When it comes to encouragement , someone who has been a day one supporter and a like-minded individual , he cannot thank his Manager Gatsby enough who is also a Film Director and fellow Actor. Gatsby otherwise known as Kobie Randolph shared his vision as well.  “It helps when someone shares and believes in your vision,” Chris said. Chris is also thankful to his parents which fully support him in his new acting career. “They want me to do what I love,” Chris said.


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