John Alex GATSBY Releases Powerful Music Video for “Therapy”

Talented music artist John Alex GATSBY just released his new song ‘Therapy’, and fans are already obsessed. The song is now charting #50 on MediaBase R&B Chart, and continuing to soar all over the map. 

The song ‘Therapy’ delves into the experiences of an individual reluctant to seek mental health assistance, while highlighting the internal struggle they face in regards to societal norms that often discourage such actions. However, as the song unfolds, the concept sheds light on the positive impact that therapy can have, and ultimately conveys the message that embracing therapy can be a beneficial choice.

In the visual for ‘Therapy’, this concept goes even deeper. The narrative is set in a mental hospital and is meant to be a representation of GATSBY’S mind. He struggles and fights going to therapy, but once he goes, he realizes it’s not so bad and is actually helpful. GATSBY aimed to use details that would best share this idea in the music video. For example, each nurse or hospital employee represents a negative thought in GATSBY’S mind. Each nurse he fights off, these are the thoughts he is fighting and letting go of. He told us, “Does it mean the bad thoughts have won or we’re freeing ourselves?”. You’ll have to watch to find out.

We wanted to know where he gets his musical inspiration from. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, James Brown, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake are just a few of the stars who have had a huge impact on the direction of his music. It was only four years ago that GATSBY decided to take a chance on himself and get in the studio to record his first song. GATSBY’S first love is aviation and being a pilot, but for GATSBY the sky’s the limit and you can do anything you put your mind to.

GATSBY is working on various songs, but for now he’s focused on his single ‘Therapy’ and how well fans are responding to it. “Depending on what the audience demands, that’s what we’ll give them,” he said.

The visual for ‘Therapy’ drops on Friday October 6th.


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