Meet Author and CEO Roni Davis: Inventor of the Color Code Dating Method

Having trouble dating or currently having problems in your current relationship? Meet Roni Davis who
has a new book called “How to Be Single” and let me tell you this is a must read. Roni is an Author and
Actress who originally owned a salon and boutique for five years. She wanted to pursue a career in
Hollywood in production (hair, makeup and wardrobe) but also wanted to add Acting as her main
objective. She said, “The culture of Hollywood is who you know day-to-day connections, dating seems
to be very prevalent in Hollywood because you can meet a lot of great people and you can gain
connections or resources that will help you in your career.”

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The single life in LA played a very significant role in Roni’s journey, hence that’s how she discovered the method that she writes in her book. “Dating was hard to avoid when you were a single woman in LA, “she added. In her book she has two dating methods, one for singles looking for love and one for couples maintaining love. Welcome to the color code method: black, red, orange, green, blue and yellow. Black is “The Match”, instant love at first sight energy which represents the ultimate dating potential you’ve been looking for. Red is “Passion Intimacy”, where it represents all passions, no relationship, no texting or talking, no long conversations and no dates. It’s late-night hook ups, passion and sex. Orange is the “Friendzone” where they are usually very interested in you and perhaps a lot in common as a dating partner, but the feeling is not mutual for you. Green is the “Money Machine” where it means growth, vitality, usefulness and financial security. Think of it like a sugar daddy or sugar mama where they have the means to take care of you financially, but you have no liking for them. Blue is the “Long Distance Lover” who is someone not in your proximity, the usual is ideal but just far away. Yellow is “Positive Potential” is someone you meet that you automatically have the same feelings for but not enough to engage with sexually but just enough to go on dates. In the book you will also learn about “The Love Cycle” for couples.

Photo by Betting Horse Productions


Roni came to LA from Omaha Nebraska motivated, single and eager to enhance her career in Hollywood.
So, she started color coding to make things clear to herself instead of getting mad over a situation. She
is a life coach with a degree in Psychology. After publishing her book, I wanted to know what advice she
had for those who look up to her and she said, “My advice to those that look up to me is do the thing
that makes you happy and brings you joy. That’s where you will find your purpose in life! Have fun and
just don’t give up on yourself and your dreams.”

She has so much more she is working on, for example, the show “The Love Lab TV Series”. Also Acting in
films and television and a revolution of today’s dating culture. I asked Roni what inspires her, and she
said “My family and God. In addition, coaching others, improving processes, finding ways to solve
problems that can ultimately help others.” I can’t wait to see her achieve everything she’s ever
dreamed of. Make sure you follow her on social media to see her journey and be sure to pick up that

IG: @colorcodedating

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