J.Roy: From Underground to Center Stage

Justin Roy also known by his stage name “J.Roy” is an up and coming artist in the hip hop scene. Despite spending his early years as an athlete, J.Roy has found his way into the spotlight as a rapper and emcee. He quickly settled into his new career path and has been working the underground hip hop scene for the past 10 years perfecting his craft. His opportunity to enter the spotlight is long overdue and has been an anticipated moment amongst many in the scene.

In the last year alone, Justin has released two music videos that have amassed over a million views. His first music video, titled “No Where” picked up steam on streaming platforms like YouTube quickly. Following his first successful hit, he quickly released his second video titled “Been Real”. With over 1 million views, J.Roy’s popularity in the hip hop scene is increasing rapidly. 

J.Roy has a unique sound that brings listeners into the story being told. Creating music that drives listeners to move, think, and ultimately enjoy his sound is an ongoing project. With a repertoire of music that has been carefully written and recorded over the past 10 years, it is safe to say that J.Roy has a song for everyone. 

If there is an artist to keep an eye on in the underground hip hop scene it’s J.Roy. While his popularity is beginning to hit mainstream circulation, his raw sound and thought provoking lyrics remain true to the underground scene. 

With performances throughout the East Coast, J.Roy is not one you want to miss. You can follow him @theofficialjroy for updates and new music. 

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