Executive Producer, Montgomery Hobbs Confirms Docuseries about real people in Wilmington, North Carolina Titled 'Divine Renovation'

Feel Good TV With Erik Estrada This Summer

Reality TV and home renovation shows do not make you as emotional as they once did. Many of us are tired of seeing the overly priced neutral renovations that have us questioning, “Can a family that went through a disaster really afford all those upgrades?” The current state of reality television is out of touch with the reality that 99% of us live. 

Veteran Producer and actor seen in “Sleepy Hollow”, “We’re the Millers”, “Swamp Thing”, and the upcoming thriller featuring Russell Crowe & Chloe Bailey, “The Georgetown Project” brings us a feel-good docuseries based in North Carolina. 



Divine Renovation with Erik Estrada | Alpha Magazines


Beloved Hollywood actor, Erik Estrada becomes our guide in the anticipated streaming series “Divine Renovation”. The show follows five individuals or families in need of enhancements, in their homes and lives. Divine Renovation provides a spiritual uplift for all those involved. The show brings together caring neighbors, not-for-profits, businesses, and emergency responders to show that people have not stopped caring.

The first season takes place in Wilmington, North Carolina following 6-7 families/ individuals. Show Producer, Monty Hobbs (Montgomery Hobbs) wanted to bring the show back to his roots of rural North Carolina.



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The inspiration for the heart felt reality show was based on a recently released film “The Thursday Night Club”, created by the same group of showrunners. The Thursday Night Club has been awarded by “Best Inspirational Film of 2022” by the Los Angeles Film Awards and earned the Dove Seal Approval with an 8 out of 10 rating. The film features Gloria Gaynor, who plays Dr. Portier [the actress named the character in honor of the late great Sydney Portier]. The story revolves around a young woman who experiences loss during the Christmas season.

Dr. Portier supports the friends coming together to revive the young woman’s joy for the holidays, but not without overcoming their own obstacles. Thursday Night Club can be watched on Sony’s Pureflix. However, the film sparks the question for viewers, “Is it possible to live the Christmas spirit all year long?” Putting the movie’s concept into practice is the mission behind “Divine Renovation”. Creating a feeling of community, and neighborhood togetherness throughout the entire year.




Divine Renovation with Erik Estrada behind the scenes| Alpha Magazines


Erik Estrada was chosen and gracefully chose to be the face of this show. Without hesitation, Estrada was ready to go to work. Hobbs mentions a time when the crew tried to convince the host that his duties did not include working on site of the construction. “He picked up a hammer and whatever tools that were called for and just started working. We didn’t want his white shirt to appear dirty on camera, but he [Erik] did not care. He wanted to help just as everyone else was.” the producer reminisces.

In each episode of this exciting new show, Estrada focuses on the personal and sometimes surprising journeys of individuals and families in need. Local community churches step up to help their fellow community members, demonstrating the true embodiment of the church.




Divine Renovation with Erik Estrada behind the scenes| Alpha Magazines


During their time filming, according to multiple sources on set, emergency responders could not help but share their own gratitude for Estrada’s presence. “You could see the impact Erik had on each of them, from the police chief to the S.W.A.T team. They shared stories about how his role on CHiPs inspired them.” states Hobbs. The town welcomed both crew and host with open arms while filming.

While the town was inviting and nice, the “Divine Renovation” team did run into a few issues. Due to the one day filming limitation, the crew faced some drama with a hurricane when renovating spaces for the deserving individuals. However, If you are seeking a reality show with drama, this may not be your pace. 

Hobbs opens up to us to share tear jerking moments you have to witness for yourself. One particular episode follows a family with a special needs child that was due to home modifications for safety reasons. The crew and family decided last minute to plan a surprise party to introduce new friends to the child. Hobbs states the results will make anyone with a heart feel like crying.




Divine Renovation with Erik Estrada behind the scenes| Alpha Magazines


Hobbs and his team of executive producers are in the business of making great entertainment. The production company aptly named Heartlight Entertainment, is focused on presenting emotionally fulfilling content. Hobbs confirms, “My career in the film industry has grown to a point where helping people and capturing kindness is the true magic,”

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry as an actor and producer, Monty Hobbs is a student of the business. Working firsthand with notable productions seen on HBO, Hulu, Fox, and many more networks, Hobbs has fully committed to creating content good for the soul. “Divine Renovation” will be Heartlight Entertainment’s second project, according to IMDb.




Divine Renovation with Erik Estrada producer– Monty Hobbs | Alpha Magazines


Hobbs is excited to work with partners such as Valerie Smaldone and Matthieu Chazareix and help them reach high acclaim with faith-filled projects. He is thrilled to showcase how kindness is popular and wanted in audiences across the U.S. and around the world.

The co-executive producers, Valerie Smaldone, Montgomery Hobbs,  and Matthieu Chazareix, all carry impressive creative portfolios. With the production trio, it is clear reality television lovers will get more feel good content over the next few years.“Divine Renovation” has received a green light from BMG (Bridgestone Multimedia Group), a partner in distribution that also verifies the quality of the content. 




Divine Renovation with Erik Estrada | Alpha Magazines

The first season debuts in late Spring or early Summer of this year. Our source states that there will only be six episodes. One of which is expected to be a double feature. Heartlight Entertainment is still confirming which outlets the docuseries will be distributed to. Viewers will have the opportunity to find it via streaming services rather than a live network.





The faith-based show was so well received that season 2 has earned an official green light to start filming. While the producers wanted to maintain the filming location/ region in North Carolina, their acts of service were called further north on the east coast. Season 2 filming begins in Torrington, Connecticut, in May 2023.

As a producer, Hobbs wants nothing more than to one day show his son the impact his craft has created. “Divine Renovation” is Monty Hobb’s contribution to the world and a wake up call for all of us to restore our humanity day by day.



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