Meet the Music Artist to Inspire You: Septimius the Great

We are in times where we need some inspiration, and I am so excited to present the next person.  When someone inspires you usually that means they have inspired you to be a better person or do GREAT.  Well, let me introduce to you “Septimius the Great” who is a man that does just that.  Born and raised in Baltimore Marylin he started in modeling then music and now acting, he is unstoppable.  What was interesting to find out is that he had no prior knowledge to music or acting he just woke up one day and decided to do it.  He said even his friends where like, “What!?”  It all started by him creating a song for a fashion show he was in.  After that he enjoyed being in the studio, the vibe, the beats.  He enjoyed the process of creating and told himself, “Hey…you should do an EP.”  Septimius did his first EP in 2010 and his first album in 2016.  He learned to reinvent himself as an artist which that powerful move led him into acting.  He explained that he chose a powerful name that had a meaning which got him the attention of the author of Severus, the black Caesar, on Amazon and soon will be a tv series. The trailer is being pithed to HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime.  He added that his acting started like that and has continued by networking and the people he knows.  The universe opening opportunities for him.  Which reminded me that when something is meant for you it can’t be stopped.

He shared with me that when he was younger he wasn’t always as confident as he is now.  He would mimic people around him not knowing what his next step would be.  Which I think we have all gone through that as our younger self.  I asked him what he would tell his younger self.  He said, “Even when things are dim and grey and we might feel alone, we must continue to dream.  Just enjoy and don’t think too much.  Do not fear about what’s later in life.  As a child I didn’t have that skill.”  I then proceeded to ask what advice does he have for that person that is looking up to him right now.  He said, “Do not fear or second guess yourself…I try everything.  As you get older fear is instilled in us and we questions our moves.  If we have no fear, we let ourselves blossom and you will end up evolving.  You see sometimes people block blessings.” As he shared his advice, he reminded me of the times I have blocked my blessings even as an adult.

Every successful person has a routine and I love to hear what moves they make to get them through the day or week.  Those secrets might help our readers and give them ideas to what they should perhaps try or have our readers know they are in the right track if they are too doing the same moves. Septimius wakes up every morning with a checklist.  I mean he literally does his checklist in his mind of what he wants to accomplish every minute and not wasting any time.

Septimius is willing to take risks and give it his all to go for his dreams.  What once was creating music for a fashion show he was in has now led him to being a Grammy Award winner for collaboration in the album that won Best Reggae.  He has a vision and he is sharing his story with others to inspire them to not be afraid, to be authentic and go for their dreams.  Thank you for sharing your story with our readers.  I admire your hard work and look forward to what’s next. (

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