Zigleys 18K Gold Hair Jewelry Is More Than a Trend For The Summer

Unique, culturally rich, and special – all words that describe black hair. With deep cultural significance, it serves as a crown for black women. However, fine jewelry options to adorn it have been limited. Enter Daria Dana.


A Game-Changer for Black Women’s Hair Jewelry

Daria Dana founded Zigleys, a black-owned brand crafting high-quality luxury hair accessories for black women. Established in 2023, the company aims to offer black women sustainable, ethically made jewelry to adorn their hair. Zigleys revolutionizes hair jewelry for black women, reflecting their cultural heritage.


Daria Dana: Empowering Black Women to Embrace Their Natural Hair

Daria Dana’s mission involves empowering black women to embrace their natural hair and culture, showing the world its beauty and professionalism. She says, “Our hair, our crowns, are very personal to us and have deep cultural significance. So why not adorn it?”

Her passion for natural hair and self-love inspired her to create the brand. Daria is an industry trailblazer, breaking the glass ceiling with Zigleys and providing black women with lasting hair jewelry.


The Inspiration Behind Zigleys: Daria Dana’s Personal Journey

Daria’s inspiration for Zigleys comes from her experience with natural hair. Growing up in a notoriously racist town, self-love was a struggle for Daria as a young girl. She damaged her hair with straightening irons and wore mismatched straight extensions. However, her self-love grew, and she started experimenting with her natural hair. Her faux locs became her favorite style, which inspired her to get real locs.

Daria realized that black hair deserves the same luxury as any other hair type. She believed hair jewelry was compatible with black hair and wanted to create a long-lasting, sustainable, and ethically made product. Zigleys became the game-changer in the hair jewelry industry for black women.


The Hallmarks of Zigleys Hair Accessories

Zigleys Hair Jewel | Alpha Magazines


Zigleys hair accessories boast high quality, made from 18-karat gold, and ethically made in New York using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. It took about a year to finish Premier, the first collection. Much of that time was spent perfecting the locking system and finding the right collaborators. The hand-done screw threading on the inside of the jewelry and at the base of the screw makes it even more distinctive.


Pioneering Business and a Movement for Black Hair

Zigleys Male Model | Alpha Magazines


Zigleys has a unique selling point: the quality of the jewelry. Current hair jewelry options are short-lasting and lose quality significantly after a month. Zigleys jewelry, however, will last a lifetime, be passed down as a family heirloom for generations, and remain gorgeous and intact. Daria believes this is what black women deserve, and Zigleys proudly pioneers in providing it.

Zigleys is more than just a brand; it’s a movement. It promotes and embraces black identity and shows the beauty of the culture. Black hair has been deemed unprofessional for too long, and Zigleys changes the narrative by proving black hair can be compatible with luxury and professionalism.


Trailblazing in the Luxury Hair Jewelry Industry

In conclusion, Daria Dana is a trailblazer in the hair jewelry industry, empowering black women to embrace their natural hair and culture with Zigleys. Her mission is to showcase the beauty and professionalism of black hair, providing black women with an investment piece of hair jewelry to last a lifetime. With Zigleys, Daria has created an industry game-changer and paved the way for more black-owned luxury hair jewelry brands.

It’s time for black women to adorn their crowns with luxury, and Zigleys is leading the way in making that a reality.





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