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Having our NFT collection has opened up an entirely new audience

– Yaminah Childress


The beauty industry is always changing and is closely tied to the demands and interests of its customers. This makes it an ideal subject for cryptocurrency and NFTs, which will surely play a significant role in the future. YANY Beauty stands at this critical junction as the first black-owned beauty brand to introduce a beauty NFT collection with its Crypto Beauties NFT Collection. It is an interesting crossroad that also signifies greater acceptability towards the metaverse.

So far, the brand has released a thousand tokens in sets of 100. One can buy these tokens at the OpenSea marketplace. However, these tokens also ensure tangible and physical beauty products. Once a token is purchased, the customer gets a physical equivalent delivered to them and an invitation to the YANY Beauty private member community with member-only benefits. This includes access to the Discord member-only channel and invites to virtual beauty events. A single token purchase, therefore, offers multiple benefits to customers.


Founder of YANY

YANY Beauty’s founder Yaminah Childress takes a keen interest in beauty tech, which translates into her passion for this project. With beauty and tech getting more and more intertwined with artificial intelligence and augmented reality, according to Childress, she says, “I’m pretty sure that beauty-tech will merge in a big way in the metaverse as people interact with beauty in a whole new way, creating looks for themselves that they may not be comfortable with in the real world, or just want to create their beauty alter-ego.” This is truly a daring and freeing space for the increasingly populating creator space.


Beauty & Tech: More Than Makeup

As the first black-owned beauty brand to take this step into the metaverse, YANY Beauty also sets a milestone. Childress acknowledges as much, taking it as a knocking down of walls and “opening up spaces” for other black-owned brands as well. Beauty and NFTs might not be the first combination that comes to anyone’s mind, but contrary to popular belief, there are many takers for it.

Moreover, for beauty enthusiasts, it provides something unique for collection. It also offers more awareness of the intersection between these two worlds. Childress says, “Having our NFT collection has opened up an entirely new audience, those beauty enthusiasts that are also hyper-aware of what NFTs are and how they can benefit. It has been exciting for them to own a piece of our collection but also try a beauty product that may have been new to them before.


YANY Beauty Products


YANY Beauty currently has over 100 products in its collection, including makeup and skincare. Initially a side hustle for Childress while she was in law school, it began to take a bigger shape in 2019. What started as a DIY initiative, where Childress would distribute to classmates and family, evolved into the brand it is today. Childress also credits her daughter in the success story, Shania, who also serves as the COO of the brand. With improvements in beauty and the metaverse industry in leaps and bounds, the only way forward is in development.


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