Black Women Attorneys Can Depend on Women of Law

Located in Houston, Texas, DeRouen Law Firm is the 1st African American women-owned, and women operated law firm in the city.

In the begining Brenda aspired to climb up the legal corporate ladder. However, being met with consistent rejection, Attorney DeRouen decided to start her own law firm inspired by her own hardship journey of securing a job after graduating law school.

The current celebrity family law attorney prides herself on her ability to help other minority women through job opportunities, mentorship, as well as networking to provide them the opportunity she was not given. Furthering her vision of supporting the community, Women of Law, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was founded. Designed to empower women lawyers, this non- profit connects, inspires, and promotes the advancement of women. Strengthening the program, Brenda DeRouen has partnered with  Kristy Blurton to further her passion to assists other minorities in the legal space.

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