VO Artist and TV Actor Dandrell Scott

Dandrell Lance Scott is an actor, voiceover artist, comedian, musician, entrepreneur, father, and leader. The list can go on! But to sum it up, He is a God-fearing man that believes in manifestation and utilizing his talents.

 1. How did you get your start in voice acting?

 I was with a non-union talent agency in Chicago. There was a lack of TV shows and movies being produced in the Midwest at that time. So, my agent, Jaimese, recommended that I do some voiceover auditions. Actors can always find VO work whenever the industry is slow. Shortly afterward, I booked my first VO gig for a PBS commercial. I had no idea what voiceovers entailed, but that first job taught me so much. And I’m thankful that Jaimese persuaded me into this other field of entertainment.

 3. What is a typical day like for you?

 My typical day involves emails, reading scripts, recording sessions, auditions, film screenings, and helping my daughter with homework. I couldn’t tell you a day when I was bored or had nothing to do. I also travel a lot due to consistent work in Chicago and Los Angeles. 

  4. How easy or hard is it to find voice-acting jobs?

 I think it’s easy to find voiceover jobs, but the hardest part is booking them. It also depends on your expertise in voice acting. If you’ve been in the business for a few years, you will have consistent work with the same brands and producers. And when you have a reputable talent agent, the voiceover auditions are non-stop. Take, for instance, you can do a character voice for an animated movie. Or you can be an announcer for a bank commercial or the official voice of a food brand. It all depends on who’s representing you, and how unique your voice is. But if you’re just starting out with no representation, I would suggest doing small non-union voice jobs. You can utilize sites like voices.com, or reach out to companies on your own. There are plenty of local businesses that need a voice actor for their TV or radio commercials. Contact them and see where it goes!

 5. Have you had any voice acting/vocal training in the past before?

 No, I’ve never taken a voiceover class. My training came from acting courses. Acting teaches you to project and enunciate. It teaches you to provide meaning to your character, and the words. So essentially, being a voice actor is no different than being a theatrical actor. What also helped me was my recording experience as a rapper. When you’re in front of a microphone, constantly rapping words, you develop a technique. You know how you want things to sound, and how to perform in a short amount of time.

 6. What is your preparation process like before recording?

 First of all, I drink green tea, with lots of honey in it. Then I read the script, and highlight words that I really want to emphasize. Sometimes I’ll write notes on the script because it helps with the recording objective. Before I say a word, I’ll do breathing exercises to warm up my mouth and lungs. After that, I speak with the engineer, and we record some practice takes. Just to make sure the mic and headphone levels are accurate. Then it’s showtime!

 7. What has been your most memorable experience as a voice actor?

 My most memorable experience as a voice actor is my work with Wendy’s. I signed on to be their official announcer in 2020, and it’s been the best journey so far. I’ve recorded over 100 commercials with them. And it’s amazing to hear my voiceover on their campaigns! I still get excited hearing my Wendy’s voice on TV, at the movies, or on the radio.

 8. What current projects are you working on that we should be looking forward to?

 I have a radio contract with Miller Lite, so you’ll hear my voice on their new NFL commercials. Other than that, I have TV and feature film roles in the works.

 9. Are you looking to go beyond voice acting at all? Ie) acting?

 Definitely! I want to expand all of my talents. Within the past two years, I’ve co-starred on TV shows like Snowfall, the Chi, All Rise, and Chicago PD. I’m also creating new streams of revenue with my clothing brand, Bad Clothes! You can find our apparel on Amazon. Last but not least, stream my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more. I have so much to offer the world, I guarantee that you will see or hear me for a few decades!

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