Unveiling Originality: The Journey of the Original OG’s Podcast

Andrew: Today I am joined by two amazing gentlemen: Delvin Molden, creator and director of the Original OG’s Vod and Podcast and Mr. Rick, producer and host of the Original OG’s. Delvin how did you come to work with ALPHA?

Delvin: I heard a lot of very positive inspirations to team up with Luciano and ALPHA. When I first saw the website, I was blown away by the graphics and the visuals of the production. I am a connoisseur of GQ so when I saw ALPHA I was very impressed with what the Magazine was doing and who was being showcased.

Andrew: Well I’m glad we were able to put this interview together so you can fill us in on the backstory of how the Original OG’s podcast came together. What would you say is the inspiration for the show?

Delvin: Actually, I am a trained filmmaker. I went to Columbia college and specialized in making independent and lower budget films. I’ve worked with a lot of people over the years and helped put Eva Longoria in her first film. Through my travels over the years I met Mr. Rick for the first time in California. Over the years we continued to cross paths and I brought an idea to him for a YouTube show. He had such a swagger about him and I could’ve used anyone, but he was ready to make it happen.

Mr. Rick: The first time we met, we were on a set about 20 years ago. He told me, “If you stick with me,   I think I could make you a star.” and I believed him. We did a lot of small projects over the years and eventually he told me he wanted to write a book about my story. So we started that, and out of nowhere he said never mind I think this is the foundation for the show we want to make. So we transitioned over to a podcast, and it so happened I had a friend, Fred Hampton Jr. was speaking nearby. I told Delvin let’s go get a sizzle reel together and it didn’t take long for others to buy in from there.

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Delvin: It’s funny because our first sizzle reel was filmed on a phone. It was just something quick and here we are today with a full production crew capturing high quality content.

Andrew: That an incredible journey, going from filming on phones to establishing a full production with just a vision for sharing untold stories. So what exactly is an Original OG and what can we expect to hear during the shows?

Mr. Rick: This is the first time we’re really revealing our concept of what a true Original OG is. Most people believe, as they have the right to, that an OG stands for Original Gangster. Our concept is that we capture the Original Gentleman. A lot of the people we interview were in fact gangsters in their territories. But, they evolved into gentleman over the years and now are doing amazing work in their communities. Now to be clear, this does not exclude women, there are plenty of ladies with incredible stories that are also sharing their stories. This is a safe place to take back the narrative of our people and highlight the incredible work they do rather than focusing on their mistakes and not allowing the full story to be told.

Delvin: Our vision for the show was to give a voice to the voiceless. The media often paints a picture of who they think we are – hustlers, drug dealers, pimps and hoes – but there’s a lot of texture in life. If people don’t have the right platform to share their stories it often gets distorted, and people will pick and choose the parts of that story they want to highlight. More times than not, it’s in a negative light. We want to capture the full story on our show.

Andrew: With so much darkness in the world it’s refreshing to see a production showcasing the light that does exist, but often gets overlooked. Now, in order to get to where you are today obviously it takes partnerships and investment. Tell me about some of the folks you’ve interviewed and the partnerships that have been forged in the process.

Delvin: A gentleman by the name of Alex Hertzberg with Atlas Entertainment was sent the sizzle reel filmed on my phone.  At that point we decided to invest some real money into the production and we hired a crew. We flew in 4 OG’s from around the country – California, New York, Atlanta, and St.Louis as well as several others from Chicago – and shot for 3 days. Since that first filming session, we’ve been noticed by several media and entertainment partners including Atlas Entertainment, ECG, Massive Impact, and Culture Genesis.

Andrew: Is there a particular lesson or message that you hope people get from your show?

Delvin: Almost unanimously amongst these OG’s is the empathy in their response when asked the question “if you had to do it all over again would you do it the same way?”. Almost all of them have the same response – “If I could go talk some sense into the young man I once was I would’ve avoided so many painful lessons and saved myself 30 or 40 years of life in prison.” A lot of these men have gotten involved with ex incarcerated programs, peace programs, anti-drug programs, and Stop the Violence. It’s about stopping the cycle.

Mr. Rick: These are real men with real stories. So yes the message is for the younger generations. Listen to these stories so you don’t have to have the same life lessons. These men have lived a full life, mistakes and all, and they’re sharing wisdom for the next generation. I’m one of them, which allows me to sit with these men and create safe space for them to share their true stories.

Andrew: So I understand there’s a special song that you are using as your opening for the show. What about the song makes it stand out?

Delvin: Yes it is an original song written by Eric Rutherford and myself and sung by the Notations. Mr. Rick features on the track as well. You definitely get a special feeling when that song turns on. We look forward to sharing our vision with the world. Sovisit our website and tell a friend.

You can catch all the hottest news, fresh episodes, and apparel at the original-OGs.com. Mr. Rick’s new OG hat line, a portion of which goes back to community wellness, can be found at optimo.com.



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