Uncovering the Keys to a Strong Partnership: DJ Envy x Gia Casey Exclusive Interview

In a world where becoming self focused and ambitious has become the standard, DJ Envy and his wife Gia are breaking the mold. Becoming one of the world’s most recognizable names in the music industry is difficult enough. Doing that while raising a family of 6 kids…that’s impossible. Yet the Casey Family has found a way to support one another while continuing to grow the family name.

Often recognized as the Casey Crew from their longstanding podcast, DJ Envy and Gia have touched on hundreds of topics from relationships to raising kids. As dedicated parents, they have successfully found a balance between career and home life while choosing to not sacrifice in either category.

ALPHA Magazines sat down with the hosts of the Casey Crew Podcast to hear firsthand some of their thoughts on how to successfully navigate career and family. What did they have to say? In this 30 minute interview DJ Envy opened up about his experience being a father and raising children, navigating an ever changing landscape in radio, the podcast and some events he has planned for this upcoming year. Gia touched on the power of having strong parents, standing firm on beliefs, supporting her husband while also carving her own path as a creative, and what it looks like to inspire others.

Dive into the world of the Casey Crew with this heartwarming interview set to release to streaming sites on July 15th 2024.

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