The event that brought together Psycho Bunny, Tony Visions, and six other fashion brands to the infamous guitar-shaped hotel for the first time ever

Tony Visions Brought Miami Swim Week To The Hard Rock Hotel Miami

Miami Swim Week has finally come to a close and it included fashion, performances, and even some NFT artwork. Hard Rock Miami’s Rooftop welcomed an exclusive Swim Week event at the Daer Pool Club. The event was curated by Fusion Fashion Events and powered by Tony Visions & ONCE Models

Tony Visions’ designer and show producer David Woods gave us a glimpse into the show while sharing more about the fashion house of Tony Visions


Miami Swim Week



This was the first ever official runway fashion show at the Daer Pool Club at the Hard Rock Miami. Guests enjoyed Live Music Performances, Culinary Experiences, and Immersive Art as Designers showcase their 2022 Swimwear and Summer Collections. Eight designers were featured during the runway portion, which included: Hot Miami Styles, Lynn Secret Swimwear, Mjaen Swimwear, Zoe All Over, Tony Visions, Maly Swimwear, Summer’s Paradise, And Psycho Bunny. There was a guest appearance and performance by Miami’s very own Leli Hernandez.


This event was only brought together in 30 days as it was just a concept to bring an event to honor Miami fashion. Runway show producer, David Woods shares  “Some of my largest events have had the shortest deadlines”.


Swim Week & Tony Visions

While the Designer of Tony Visions was busy running a runway show, he also made time to create new designs for the summer collection. House of Tony Visions does not design swimwear. Woods states,  “I design resort wear with a light touch of swim designs.”.

The brand does support their native Miami by creating swim-friendly designs, but looking at the entire summer collection for 2022 it is apparent the goal was not to solely support swimming. Compared to prior years, the collection is smaller and limited due to guiding the brand through being more conscious of sustainability. 


Woods focuses on multi-functionality with many of his pieces, “I try to get every inch of fabric by creating multi-functional pieces”. From garter belted resort suits to transformative body suits, we know each design will be worn with appreciation. The designer curated this collection with the utmost care. Woods traveled to source fabric directly from Colombia for this season specifically. With the designer being against fast fashion, Tony Visions’ fabric may come with a story to tell. The designer up cycles and re-uses for all the creations “You can have a jacket and unravel it, unseam it, and you will have fabric in a roll once again. You can make that jacket into something new.”, states Woods.


Street Wear…But Make It Luxury

Though Tony Visions has been seen on Jay Balvin, Brent Faiyaz, and Azealia Banks the brand is made for the people and not the notable names they may attract. When they choose to dress a public figure it is because they represent “the culture”. The focus is on the organic nature of fashion.

As seen in Miami Swim Week, accessories that represent the street-luxury experience were featured in the designer’s portion of the show. Branded longboards were toted down the runway with unique resort wear. Tony Visions’ designer longboards are available for sale. They are hoping to fulfill the craving of those who love the lifestyle in Miami. 

Woods’ goal for all collections is to have a personality of their own giving them a chance to not be compared to previous work. He elaborates that when he designs for Swim Week, which he has been doing for 5 years, it requires a different style than New York or Paris Fashion Weeks. Typical Tony Visions designs have a street-luxury, couture, heavier or weighted feel for the Miami scene.


Future of Tony Visions

Now that Swim Week 2022 is over Tony Visions is looking to the rest of the year. They will be returning to Miami in December for Art Basel to produce another runway event similar to Miami Swim Week. 

Tony Visions will also be participating in New York Fashion Week 2022 with the possibility of Paris or London Fashion Weeks. The new collection ’Exodus’ is set to premiere with a 7-10 minute cinematic short accompanied by a play and then a runway show. 

While the fashion company does take orders online, online inventory is limited. If you are seeking to obtain a Tony Visions original you may have to make a visit to their studio in Miami, Vision Haus Studios.


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