Threads' official account recently revealed plans to introduce "trending" and "topics" tabs, reminiscent of the popular features found on Twitter; User's seem to like simplicity

Threads Considers Adding “Trending” and “Topics” Tabs, Eliciting Mixed User Reactions


Threads, the text-based public conversation app developed by Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has recently made an announcement that has caught the attention of its users. On July 10th, the Threads app’s official account revealed plans to introduce new tabs, namely “trending” and “topics,” resembling features commonly found on Twitter.  It has sparked a debate among users who appreciate the app’s simplicity.


User Reactions To Threads’ Twitter-Similar Search Tools


Threads’ official account recently revealed plans to introduce “trending” and “topics” tabs, reminiscent of the popular features found on Twitter. The addition of these tabs aims to diversify content and increase engagement by allowing users to explore trending conversations and curated topics. However, this announcement has evoked mixed reactions from Threads’ user base.

Many users have expressed their preference for the app’s current simplicity and have voiced concerns about the potential for an overcrowded and overwhelming feed. The sentiment among some users is that the digital social space has become saturated with influencers and celebrities, and Threads provided a refreshing departure from that. Consequently, they question the need for introducing features that may lead to a similar experience found on other social media platforms.


Some Users Would Rather a Twitter-Like App From The Creators of Facebook


Threads: An Alternative to Twitter

Launched globally for iOS and Android users in over 100 countries, Threads is Meta’s latest addition to the social media landscape. Developed by the team behind Instagram, this text-based app offers users the ability to share short missives, including text, photos, links, and videos.

Threads presents itself as a viable alternative to Twitter, emphasizing concise and meaningful interactions with followers. Its simplicity has garnered praise from users seeking a return to a more uncluttered social media experience.


User Request and Platform Success

Threads by Meta Users Not Happy With An Old Concept | Alpha Magazines | Photo by fauxels via


The user feedback raises a critical question for Meta and the Threads app. Should they dismiss the requests of their user base, or should they carefully consider the potential impact of incorporating trending and topics tabs? Users’ desire for a simpler era of social media, free from the pressures of algorithm-driven feeds, suggests a growing fatigue with the current state of online platforms.

Threads has a unique opportunity to create a platform that aligns with users’ desires and preferences. While the app’s growth and success depend on striking a balance between evolving features and preserving its original appeal, it remains to be seen how Meta will navigate this delicate situation.

While some users appreciate the potential for increased engagement and diversified content, others express concerns about straying from the app’s simplicity and returning to an overcrowded digital space.

As Meta evaluates user feedback and considers the best path forward, the company must balance the evolving demands of its user base with the essence of Threads’ original concept. Threads has the opportunity to create a platform that resonates with users seeking a respite from the complexities of modern social media. Only time will tell if Meta will heed the user requests and maintain the app’s distinctive appeal.



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