The Sovereign Kingdom Augments Travel with Luxury Transportation Bookings

courtesy of: The Sovereign Kingdom’s Instagram (@thesovereignkingdom)

Bringing together unforgettable destinations for rent or purchase and the ease and comfort of reaching your destination on time and in style, Sovereign Transports is the next layer designed to enhance luxury travel both seamlessly and efficiently. The Sovereign Kingdoms luxury transportation services launch today with key areas – private and commercial air, private yacht, helicopter and ground transportation charters.

The Sovereign Kingdom is a high-end travel concierge service that has been recognized by celebrities like Big Sean and Meagan Good. The company’s new addition– Sovereign Transports  will assist in creating  luxury travel to be novel by making it the easy, and desired method to access sought after home destinations from The Sovereign Kingdom’s curated collection.

With the comforts expected from luxury transportation, members get unprecedented access to global destinations spanning more than 50 countries. Much like Air Bnb, The Sovereign Kingdom becomes the one place to go in order to start curating a special travel experiences outside of using traditional hotels. Unlike the easy to access bed and breakfast, The Sovereign Kingdom seeks to augment the luxury travel experience by presenting a complete leisure travel package.


Having already transformed the expectations of luxury travelers with a first-class concierge team which help travelers to plan and to manage unforgettable luxury vacation experiences. The luxury travel company is taking this same customer-centric approach to every phase of the travel experience and, in doing so, providing more accessible transportation options for leisure, business travelers and their families.


“In the past, The Sovereign Kingdom has focused exclusively on our online community and marketplace for luxury vacation experiences,” said K. Derhem, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Today, The Sovereign Kingdom is launching Sovereign Transports, bringing together where you stay, and how you choose to get there. We want to make luxury travel turn-key and as easily manageable as possible.”


Travelers can join the exclusive community today and gain exclusive access to first-class destinations and transportation accommodations by visiting The Sovereign Kingdom website or by giving them a follow on Instagram to see what luxury experiences they can curate for you.

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