Founder of Glow by Day reveals key to a successful business, Fashion Nova partnerships, and how success starts with personal time every day

The Secret Behind The Success Of Glow By Daye


Is it possible to be a successful businesswoman, an entrepreneur, or a mom and look amazing while doing so? Well, Ranay Orton is living proof that everything we can imagine is more than possible. She is an alpha female and the proud owner of Glow by Daye.

Ranay Orton & Glow by Daye


She started from the bottom, and now makes seven figures by selling her products on Amazon; Ranay Orton is an inspiration to many women who strive to have what she has. Being a businesswoman and a mom of two young boys can be tough and finding enough time to do proper self-care is even tougher, but Ranay manages to do everything.

Her Glow by Daye business’ goal is to produce high-quality hair accessories specially made for women with curly hair. For many years, women with curly and afro hair haven’t been able to find adequate and good quality hair accessories specialized for their hair type, Ranay was one of them, and that’s why she wanted to change the beauty industry. Soon enough, with a vision and enough passion, Glow by Daye was born.

Partnerships Were The Key

These days, this business has shifted its focus to making hair accessories and high-end satin bonnets, which can be found on Amazon. Her beginning was, like any other, quite turbulent, but after her first year in business, she managed to achieve more than one million dollars in sales. Of course, she didn’t stop there. As the business continued to grow, she even partnered with FashionNova and expanded her sales parameters.


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Ranay believes that cooperation with other brands, networks, and entrepreneurs is highly important for the growth of her business, as much as for the growth of her own mind. Connecting with people who think alike has changed her point of view and brought her nothing but success and a new look at the world.

This successful entrepreneur admits that balancing her career and motherhood can sometimes be very hard. She encourages young women to take the leap of faith and follow their dreams, as being a mother doesn’t have to stop you from achieving great things on the professional and business side.

One of her spirit animals is Oprah, as she sees her as such a strong and positive influence and a person who encourages her not to give up on her dreams and to continue fighting even harder than ever.


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Dedicated Personal Time Creates A Better Entrepreneur

Ranay admits that she often forgets or doesn’t have enough time for herself but strives to change that. For now, she works out regularly and treats herself with manicures anytime she gets a chance. She believes that “Me” time is important for any working mother, as sometimes that’s all the relaxation a woman needs to get back on track and come off even stronger than she was.

Glow by Daye is expected to keep growing, as this alpha female has a clear goal of changing the beauty industry and giving any woman with curly hair an opportunity to style it the right way


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