The Power of A Magic Trick: Meet Rokas

A “star gate” as a solution to keep cities connected at the peak of the pandemic? The Vilnius, Lithuania portal is a circular “door” near its train station that connects to a portal in Lublin. The portals both have large screens and cameras that broadcast live images between the two cities— a kind of digital bridge, according to its creators— meant to encourage people to “rethink the meaning of unity.”

What a fun and interesting idea. International acclaimed magician Rokas fell in love with the idea and recently took himself on the road the the site of the portal in Vilnius, Lithuania, performing a special magic trick for fans both in Vilnius, and its connected Polish community in Lublin – over 375 miles away. The special event won attention from local and international media, reaffirming Rokas’s position as one of the world’s most popular and most creative active magicians.

Rokas – Considered by many to be the most talented magician in the World for more than 10 years. The magician has brought the power of his illusions to audiences around the globe. In addition of holding two Guinness World Records, Rokas has won numerous awards in international competitions, garnering recognition for the depth of his skill as an entertainer.

Though the portal’s arrival may be a mystery like the magicians ability to perform a trick from 375 miles away. The performing artist knows how unique the situation is overall, stating “This was quite the magical experience,” when talking about the portals. The always enthusiastic performer commented, “If you are anywhere near either of the portals, you must see them. This is the type of creative expression our world needs at the moment!”

See the magic trick experienced 375 miles away.

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