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Growing a family business can be challenging, but it makes success sweeter and more rewarding when you share it with people you love.

The Rucker sisters have built a hair care brand from the ground up, and they uplifted and challenged each other on the way. Rucker Roots is a brand that focuses on delivering high-quality hair care products by cultivating the power of natural ingredients.

The products are designed to nourish and hydrate the hair without stripping the hair of its natural oils. That’s why by harnessing the power of nature, the Rucker sisters have managed to create something extraordinary.


Who Are The Rucker Sisters


Ellen and Ione Rucker were born in Lancaster, South Carolina. They grew up in a big family of eight children and experienced all the joys of Southern life. While Ellen had a successful private chiropractic practice for over 12 years after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill and Life University School of Chiropractic Medicine, Ione founded the Rucker Education Scholarship Fund to help students from her hometown attend college.

Therefore, although the two sisters had different career paths before Rucker Roots, both of them were focused on helping their community, and doing the work that made the lives of other people better.

That is why the Rucker sisters decided to follow their passion and make a brand that provides truly outstanding hair products. Furthermore, they love helping people of color to fall in love with their natural hair without using any harmful chemicals to style it.


About Rucker Roots Ingredients

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At Rucker Roots, they believe natural ingredients are imperative to healthier and fuller hair. The Rucker sister’s company focuses on stimulating growth while simultaneously cleansing the hair without stripping hair shaft, and scalp of its natural oils. All this is accomplished starting with their commitment to making healthy, natural products.

The philosophy behind the products is “Healthy Hair Starts at the Roots”. As we all know, being attentive to your scalp health is essential no matter your gender.  Rucker Roots elevates the bar with their products to ensure users are receiving high quality ingredients and achieving exceptional results.


Where To Find The Rucker Products


Besides being available online on their website, Rucker Roots products can be found at several retail stores including Macy’s. The latest Nourish + Restore Papaya Seed Oil line achieved enormous success thanks to the nourishing natural ingredients.

While mango butter replenishes and fortifies the hair strands, Papaya seed oil has antioxidants that help restore the moisture of the scalp, allowing your hair to look and feel healthy. The products are also enriched with shea butter which is known to reduce the irritation of the scalp, providing a well-rounded hair care experience.


The whole Rucker family still lives in the South. Therefore, the Rucker sisters draw their inspiration from their loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Although the success of Rucker Roots has made life quite different for the sisters they still prioritize their alone time, making sure that they take at least an hour a day for themselves. This is what helps them stay grounded and be more productive while further growing their business.


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