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The Key to Glow by Daye’s Huge Commercial Success

Is it unrealistic to expect a woman to be a successful businessperson, entrepreneur, and mother all while maintaining a stunning appearance? Everything we can dream of is not only attainable but has already been achieved, as evidenced by Ranay Orton’s life. She runs her business, Glow by Daye, with the confidence of an alpha female. 

Many women find encouragement in the fact that Amazon seller Ranay Orton rose from humble beginnings to a seven-figure income. The challenges of running a company and caring for her two young sons while still making time for self-care are significant, yet Ranay manages to do all of this and more.


Focus for Ranay & Glow By Daye

The focus of her company, Glow by Daye, is on creating high-quality hair accessories for ladies with curly hair. As a woman with curly or afro hair, Ranay knew firsthand how difficult it was to locate high-quality hair accessories designed specifically for her hair type. Glow by Daye was founded not long after Daye had the idea and the drive to make it a reality.

Nowadays, you may get this company’s wares on Amazon, specifically their satin bonnets and other hair accessories. Her start was rocky like everybody else’s, yet she made over a million dollars in sales in her first year. The truth is that she kept going.


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What It Takes To Grow A Business

To accommodate the ever-expanding demands of her customers, she eventually formed a partnership with Fashion Nova and broadened her scope of sales. Ranay believes that collaborating with other companies, networks, and entrepreneurs is crucial to the development of both her business and her intellect.

Having meaningful relationships with individuals who share her values has completely transformed her life and the way she sees the world. This thriving businesswoman freely acknowledges the difficulty of juggling parenthood and her professional life.

She hopes that young women will take heart and realize that motherhood doesn’t have to be an obstacle to professional and financial success. She considers Oprah to be one of her spirit animals because she views her as a powerful and positive role model who inspires her to keep going for her goals in life.


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Staying True To Selfcare

Ranay Orton Founder of Glow By Daye | Alpha Magazines


Ranay recognizes that she is frequently too busy to think about or take care of herself, but she is working on this. Now, she maintains a healthy lifestyle by working out frequently and getting manicures whenever she can.

She thinks that every working mother deserves some “Me” time since sometimes a little rest and relaxation is all a woman needs to get back on track and appear even stronger than she was before.

The success of Glow by Daye is anticipated to continue since its founder, an assertive woman with a mission wants to revolutionize the beauty business. The start of that is defined by providing every woman with textured hair with the tools they need to achieve their ideal look. Ranay’s vision for the company’s future is clear.

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