Introducing Bea's Bayou, the 2022 Aveeno startup accelerator competition winner

The Innovative Brand That Won Aveeno’s Coveted Skin Care Award


Bea’s Bayou is a skincare line with steady growth since its launch in 2020. The brand recently hit another milestone by winning the 2022 Aveeno x Essence skin health accelerator pitch.


Aveeno x Essence StartUp Pitch Competition

Skincare brand Aveeno cooperated with Essence to create an accelerator pitch competition. With the idea to promote diversity, the competition was created for Black women entrepreneurs. Aveeno and Essence were looking for an innovative brand, technology, or product that would address the needs of Black people when it comes to skincare and haircare.

This competition was a great opportunity for beauty entrepreneurs as not only did it have a grand prize of $100 000, but it also included the opportunity for mentorship with the Aveeno business leaders and experts.


Arielle Brown and Bea’s Bayou

Founder of Bea’s Bayou, Arielle Brown


The competition attracted all kinds of beauty entrepreneurs, making it engaging. Arielle Brown represented her brand Bea’s Bayou. She managed to amaze everyone with her inspiring personal story and deep understanding of the skin’s needs.

After she experienced scalp flare-ups due to Seborrheic dermatitis, Arielle was determined to restore health to her scalp. This is how she found the miracle formula and decided to start her own brand.


The Mission Behind Bea’s Bayou

Bea’s Bayou Shampoo


Arielle’s vision for the brand was always to make sure it was herbal, inclusive, and repairing. She still adheres to these principles today. Her painful experience with scalp issues made it her mission to help people who are suffering from similar issues. Much thought went into creating Bea’s Bayou products.

When she first started out Arielle dived into the research about herbs and probiotics that can calm and nourish irritated skin. Good Biome Scalp Solution was born as the result of endless research and trials. The product’s value quickly became apparent when the customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Arielle shared that her idea was always to create a product that would help people with inflammation-prone skin with natural, inclusive, and innovative products.

Good Biome Scalp Solution managed to tick off all these goals and help people of all ages and backgrounds. Soon the entire line was there offering people even more options.


What To Expect Out of  Bea’s Bayou After Winning

Bea’s Bayou- Bundle of 5

Thanks to the Aveeno and Essence support Arielle will be able to make the brand bigger and reach a broader audience. Committed to constant improvements, the brand is constantly growing and improving. From an improved website, and an intuitive online shopping experience, to more groundbreaking formulas Bea’s Bayou is expanding exponentially.

The skin accelerator pitch win represents another success story in the growth path of the brand. Besides the financial support and mentorship, the competition also provided Bea’s Bayou with additional exposure, bringing new customers into the picture. This win also symbolizes a great motivation for Arielle to create and explore more in order to come up with new and exciting products.

The now substantial range of products, from Bea’s Bayou, deserves attention thanks to the highly innovative formulas and commitment to help the customers through inclusivity and natural ingredients. Bea’s Bayou is expected to continue with constant growth thanks to the highly-valued products and loyal customers.


Congratulations to Bea’s Bayou! We also acknowledge the great commitment Essence & Aveeno has made to the black business community.

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