FNO Event Culture expands on classic stand-up comedy with legendary and undiscovered talent

The Comedy Production Influenced by Bernie Mac Is Coming To YouTube In 2023

How often do we all think about comedy show productions or the work it takes to produce one? Working with talent seen across BET, Tyler Perry Productions, DEF Comedy Jam, and more, Roosevelt Merisier is the show business producer on the rise.- His company FNO Productions and FNO Event Culture will be creating a comedy showcase due to release in the next year.

As the producer and production company founder, Roosevelt Merisier is the name of the upcoming digital comedy scene. The production and event company is focused on creating a platform for people to experience more comedians live and digitally starting in 2023. The range of comedic artists appearing on the upcoming channel is expected to go from new, well-known, and legendary.


Who is Roosevelt Merisier & Production 

Roosevelt Merisier | FNO Productions


In the entertainment industry, you are only as strong as who you know or your portfolio. Roosevelt Merisier is the trusted video producer many have yet to hear of. With music video production projects with Chanel West Coast & Justin Love, to beloved local artists such as Maj Money, FNO Productions is earning its way to becoming a go-to for creatives.

The studio also has mastered the art of documentary-style storytelling. Creating “true crime” formatted video production to help keep stories of those who need justice circulating. While the studio is equipt to handle multiple categories of film production, FNOs latest project centers around bringing joy and laughter. 


Comedy & FNO Event Culture Expands Digitally


FNO Event Culture will be curating comedy showcases to highlight talented individuals around the country. Merisier shares his enthusiasm for the showcase based on his inspiration stating, “I  grew up watching Bernie Mac, so he was a huge influence on why I love to put on great shows. I’m a fan of the art of comedy.” With a sharp focus on giving a platform to others, the studio owner decided to film the showcases. 

The content will be available across YouTube via the official Channel, which has yet to be disclosed. However, Merisier has his sights on creating his own streaming platform. While many other production companies are seeking to create their own streaming platform or host content on Tubi, Pluto, Roku Channel, etc. FNO will be exploring opportunities Vimeo has to offer. Allowing direct-to-consumer content consumption with on-demand capabilities.

Merisier confirms that we will not see newer popular comedians such as DC Youngfly in the upcoming series season but is interested in future work with similar comedians. The production has yet to start filming and is open to all comedians around the United States.


Best Comedians Right Now

Roosevelt Merisier | FNO events culture in Dania Beach Improv

Due to Merisier working with a range of comedians, we asked who has made him laugh the hardest recently. “The Comedian that was incredible recently was Barry Brewer. We put together a great show at the Dania Beach Improv on November 10th. He [Barry Brewer] had the audience in a frenzy.

Trying to take gauge who we all should be watching in 2023, we needed to know the top 3 emerging comedians according to Merisier based on his professional exposure to many. “I have more than three, but my Three Emerging Comics to be on the lookout for in 2023 is Christopher Priester based out of Fort Lauderdale, Fat and Funny based out of Miami, and Marshall Brandon based out of Connecticut. I’m convinced that these guys will have a breakout year in 2023.” 


While Florida Enjoyed Art Basel…

While his brother in creative production, David Woods of Tony Visions, was producing a fashion show for Art Basel at The Hardock Miami, Roosevelt was in the state filming a documentary. Stating, “ I was in town from Texas. I’m a new resident of the Houston area, and I flew into Florida to shoot a documentary. I didn’t get to go enjoy the festivities due to my creative process.” 

Merisier stays busy with filming content and curating experiences. Entertainment may produce fun or interesting content, but creating it is proven to be difficult. “The Most unexpected challenge, I would say, is building the right set of individuals to help you on this journey. It took FNO Productions some time to grow due to finding the right pieces. Now the company is on the rise. I believe that is the hardest part of building a production company.” confirms Roosevelt Merisier.


Why Look Out for FNO Events Culture


The FNO enterprise is black-owned but all-inclusive. The platform strives to give opportunities to those trying to break into the industry. FNO also balances maintaining a platform to welcome entertainment industry legends. 

Merisier’s portfolio extends from Tony Woods (known as Dave Chapelle’s mentor), Mark Viera, Rob Stapleton, Malik S., Will-e Robo, and more. Confirming that all have been invited to do a set for the upcoming Channel series.

Keep up to date with FNO Event Culture on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to see who is up next to take the stage.




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