The BlackJes Jewelry Collection: Faith and Forest Restoration

Husband and wife Co-Founders Alain and Lachelle Jes own God First Nation Company™.  The certified service-disabled veteran, African-American, and Haitian owned company is rooted in faith based ministry. 

The company is introducing the BlackJes Collection watches. Hoping to remind their community to “acknowledge God as the Creator of Time,” and that “God is always on time,” as well as “God’s call on people is to be good stewards of their time.”. They further stated, “This is our take on modern-day evangelism. We are committed to helping and inspiring all nations to keep God first in their lifestyle and make disciples.”

The couple launched God First Nation Co.™ in January 2019, which coincided with the time of their wedding – they made wedding plans and business plans at the same time. The Founders says they are thankful for the journey and mission with which God has entrusted them. “The best advice we’ve ever received was to keep God first. That’s the foundation of our spiritual growth, courtship, marriage, and company. God’s Word is the blueprint of our lives.”

The BlackJes Collection is the newest line of timeless, family-branded wooden watches, which intertwine faith and style. The innovative aesthetics are the second hands featuring a cross, and a globe placed at 12 o’clock

God First Nation Co.™ offers a full line of products including; inspirational eyewear, bracelets, jerseys, joggers, masks, tees, headwear, and jumpsuits. The company’s scripture bracelets feature verses including John 3:16, Jeremiah29:11, John 16:33, and Proverbs 3:5-6.


The company is focused on providing Nation Citizens, like themselves, with scripture-based encouragement and inspiration. They also seek to impact the lack of Christian representation in innovative fashion and culture. Additionally, they want to give Nation Citizens a way to evangelize and spark conversations with non-believers and other believers, especially those who are often not comfortable starting conversations with strangers, but still want to be a light in their world.

In addition to inspiring through their spiritual work, God First Nation Co.™ has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects. The organization operates in eight countries including: Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Honduras, and Nicaragua. With the mission to fight poverty globally through reforestation. The company will donate proceeds from every order to fund the Eden Reforestation Projects’ planting of citrus, mango, papaya, and moringa trees, to support food security. Every purchase made will plant 10 trees for the duration of the partnership These initiatives also provide jobs to the locals, who will be planting the trees that improve the environments where they live.

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