The Beautiful Angel Brinks Fashion Designs that are a Must Wear

From one dollar to a million-dollar dream, no loan, no investor, and no handout. Angel’s story will inspire you to keep going and never give up. Grab some tissues because her story will make you tell yourself, “WOW, she went through that, and she still kept going.” 

Angel Brinks is a strong and humble woman just by talking to her. Her energy is so dynamic that even through the phone I felt it. Angel is a fashion designer that started 12 years ago. She started in 2010 doing everything in a room at her house with no help at all. She was raised by her Armenian parents, and she expressed how you either get married or become a Lawyer or a Dr. If you dare to do anything else, you can be looked upon as a disappointment. So, she fell in love and decided to elope and get married. They lived their years of happiness but unfortunately a tragic incident took place. Her husband committed suicide when their son was 5 years old, and she was 8 months pregnant with her second child. She was devastated and walking around with a broken soul. Angel told me she would just stare out the window broken hearted. She said, “Being left a single mom and alone in this world, I was broken but I knew I had to keep going for my children.” With many questions unanswered she continued to survive for her children. Her business grew from her shipping her own boxes, having someone answering the phones to now an entire warehouse where she has employees. I could notice how humble she is by going through the steps of changes and from where she started to where she is now and just being grateful for the outcome.

Angel’s clientele list is very impressive. From Cardi B, Mary J Blige, Vanessa Bryant, Lil Kim and the list goes on and on. “What do you look for when designing for someone?” I asked. She said, “When working on a custom design for someone, I always want to know the details, such as, blackless, no sleeve, long, mermaid, satin, fabric styles etc. I usually like to ask what their expectations are and then I go for what will look good for their body type.”

Angel is a businesswoman, single mom, with a super cape in her closet. Her message is, “Keep pushing and don’t let anything stop you.” And for the designers that look up to her she says, “Find what you are good at and go for it.” She expressed how it’s hard on designers because fast fashion is killing it like Shien and Fashion Nova, but she said no matter what, do not give up. Keep showing your brand, keep pushing.

In our conversation she brought up her friend who would always tell when she first started what she would do if she blew up. And would look at him confused like blow up, probably not seeing herself where she is now. She always remembers that friend. “The moment I knew I made it was when icons, and legends became familiar with me, and I started designing for them. Seeing them so proudly and confidently wearing my brand, was amazing for me,” she said.

Angel Brinks is her name, and her story is one to follow. She is nowhere near where she wants to be but knows she wants to do more. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve. Angel is the definition of a superwoman that no matter what was meant to break her she kept going. From nothing to million-dollar business, being doubted to now getting the respect she deserves. Angel it was a privilege to share your story. I hope this story touches others that are going through a rough patch to never give up because you Angel are the definition of inspiration.


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