Your fashion choices are affecting your environment. NUEVE Los Angeles is here to make it easier on those rebuilding their closets.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Collections By NUEVE

Finding a new piece of popular, stylish clothing has never been easier or quicker. After all, you just make a few clicks on your favorite fashion website, and before you know it your new outfit is at your door. 

It’s called “fast fashion”. The fast fashion business model used across the globe creates and ships trending and in-style clothing. As fast and inexpensive as this method can be, it is done without regard for sustainability or environmental impact. Emerging companies like the boutique curation brand based in California, NUEVE, is leading the way to a more sustainable future in fashion.


The True Cost Of Unsustainable Products 

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in situations where your first thought is “I can get something fast and cheap”. The cost of this decision can be felt when taking the time to ask important questions such as “What’s making this product so cheap?” “Was it made using fair labor?” “Was that person working in a safe environment?” “Are harmful chemicals disclaimed?”


NUEVE Founder, Cristiane Bachmann


As a conscious lifestyle company, NUEVE is making it known that cheap and fast products use processes that can negatively affect workers and the environment. NUEVE founder Cristiane Bachmann says, “I became more aware of how increasingly at odds the fashion industry is with my connection to the earth and the people who inhabit it. I feel a deep responsibility to improve my own consumption habits while becoming a more conscious human for the betterment of all living things”.


Why Aren’t More Companies Practicing Sustainability? 

According to the founder, practicing sustainability can be a difficult and expensive process that deters most companies from doing it. For NUEVE, Cristiane mentions that finding suppliers that align with their values can be a time consuming and costly task. “Shipping solutions that are more earth-friendly are also more expensive. We use recycled cardboard boxes made in the US, but of course, it is more expensive than ordering a regular cardboard box from Asia.” the founder explains. Beyond shipping, the company also has a rigorous process of finding brands that align with them.


What To Look For When Shopping Sustainably

Cristiane highlights the fact that there are many organizations giving certifications of sustainability to brands. This tactic holds the industry accountable. Many of the brands NUEVE features have certifications regarding both ethical practices and eco-friendly materials. 

Some brands NUEVE partners with also work with factories that are BSCI certified, meaning they have been pre-vetted for proper workplace standards across the global supply chain of the brand. For example, Oeko-Tex certified clothes are free of any harmful chemicals that can affect human health. A GOTS certification limits the use of toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process, and the GRS certification verifies that a piece contains the exact amount of recycled materials it claims.

 “We put a lot of expectations on changes outside NUEVE, either with companies, laws, governments, etc. If people start to demand and consume ethically made products while keeping brands accountable for what they do, companies will be forced to make those changes,” States Bachmann. Continuing, “the more we request the more offer we will get in the future.”  The power of the consumer is a force we cannot ignore.


What Does Sustainability Look Like At NUEVE? 

When it comes to sustainability, Cristiane also takes a leadership role by helping those looking for guidance in committing to this lifestyle, stating, “I curated everything for a conscious shopping experience. You don’t have to do the work and research.” All the brands the company carries are aligned with their values of creating quality products with minimum environmental impact possible. Shop to invest in quality pieces that can be re-worn for years. In the end it benefits both your wallet and the planet.   

Some fashion designers seen across the boutique/ retailer platform include Silk laundry, Aya Muse, Auteur, Matin, Beare Park, Aexae Swim, Palm Swim, Eleven Six, Rika Studios, and The line By K. Influencers and models such as Lorenza Izzo have been seen in designer apparel the boutique partners with.


NUEVE does not just focus on fashion. They also offer products in self-care, accessories for yourself and beloved pets, and personal gym equipment. This unique collection of certified eco-friendly products is what sets NUEVE Los Angeles apart.


How We Can Be A More Eco-Friendly Consumer 

This is where you have the power as a consumer. Support and purchase from the brands that align with your values. We all have the ability to make more sustainable product choices. Supporting brands and platforms that align with your eco-friendly values is a great place to start. Although choosing to shop with awareness can be difficult, that choice will make our world a better place and give you high-quality clothing that lasts longer. 

Check out NUEVE’s line of sustainable and eco-friendly products and keep up with the founder, Cristiane Bachmann to get behind the brand updates. 

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