Jenny Babas is well known for roles in major tv series, films, and Youtube series. Her acting career has supported some of the most high profile crime cases in popular news.


In 2016 Jenny Babas played in the tv docuseries, “People Magazine Investigates JonBenet: The Untold Truth”. The Series uncovered the heart-wrenching true stories behind crimes that transcended headlines and became part of popular culture.


Produced in 2016, airing in 2018 Babas also appeared in another film highlighting a major Hollywood scandal, “Anna Nicole & the Starlight Angel”, playing the role of Sofia. This was a Musical biography about the life and death of model/actress Anna Nicole Smith.


As Jenny Babas has continued her acting career she has landed in award nominated movies like “Training Day”, and has grown a massive following through Youtube and Social Media series. Her channel has reached over 45 million views, with a social media following of over half a million.


Babas started acting at age 14 while living in Texas. She moved to L.A in 2016 and quickly connected with a lot of social media influencers. Jenny began growing her platform in the social media world with knowledge of the film world.


However, Babas says social media influencing is not really her thing, weighing in on the stress social media can bring. She began launching Y.A.N.A ( You are not alone ) in 2020.  The treatment center deals with anxiety and stress, which is about a 70 percent factor in most suicide attempts.


Jenny Babas spoke about her own suicidal attempts along with institutionalization on Art19, Before You Kill Yourself podcast with TedEx speaker and Counselor Leo Flowers.


“ I’m on social media for everyone else, to be honest social media isn’t my thing. I feel like it can make or break someone. As many people are on it, why not show positivity. If social media is the way to get through to people, then I’m going to do it. “


Jenny Babas will soon launch the Y.A.N.A ( you are not alone) support channel on Youtube and other social media platforms. While acting is her passion, her main goal is to focus on Y.A.N.A ( you are not alone ) in an effort to save lives.


Y.A.N.A ( you are not alone) is expected to launch by 2023.

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