After spending the last six years building the Black Girl Sunscreen empire, Shontay Lundy shares what she has learned in her 40 years of life.

Shontay Lundy, Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen Embracing Turning 40 as a Millennial and Prioritizing Self Care

Shontay recently turned 40, and as a successful millennial. After spending the last six years building the Black Girl Sunscreen empire, Shontay Lundy is reaping the rewards of her work.

She has always been shy about revealing her actual age. Now, she has embraced turning 40 as a fantastic milestone, but with this new chapter comes much angst and self-reflection. Shontay shares what she has learned over the years with Alpha Magazines Online exclusively.

Self-Care Is The Highest Priority


With each milestone comes sage advice we can pass down to the next. Shontay seems to be in agreement with many other millennial entrepreneurs when it comes to the top priority in life, self-care. All of our self-care journeys are comprised of variations of tools and routines that bring us joy.

Like many businesswomen, balancing being successful, growing a thriving business, and managing self-care is a daily task for Shontay. She generally had a good routine for exercising, meditation, community participation, using positive affirmations, skiing, giving back to the community, and traveling the world.

She has been to countless countries, including Singapore, Dubai, Morocco, Nigeria, and Turkey, looking for ways to understand her role in making things better and contributing to improving the human experience.

Be Mindful of Your Associations & Environment

Every business owner lives in two different environments – Their physical space and the people around them.” According to Shontay, the environment dramatically impacts performance. It is an excellent place for an entrepreneur to start when they are making a change. “It is you associate with negative people; they will keep nudging you off course so subtly that you won’t even notice the negative changes.

Shontay understands that every association she has with people matters to her professional life. She carefully chose to surround herself with positive-minded people to have minimal work drama. “I aim to only associate with people who have a positive, energizing influence on her professional life to keep doing things that make me happy and more productive.

As cliche as it sounds, happiness is found in everyone. It can expand it is a way to make your life better and healthier. When you have a busy life take the time to care for yourself. While it may seem like a luxury you cannot afford, health is wealth. The only currency you can not buy is time, make it count!


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