Robert Abernathy’s Remarkable Journey from Teaching to Chasing Dreams

In the world of country music, few stories are as inspiring as that of Robert Abernathy. This talented artist’s journey began in the 1990s, armed with nothing but a Mickey Mouse guitar and a chord book. From these humble beginnings, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Abernathy began by learning chords from legendary bands like the Eagles and Alabama and eventually played in his own band as well. This period of musical exploration laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Influences that Shaped His Sound Growing up, Robert Abernathy was deeply influenced by some of country music’s biggest names, including Diamond Rio, Alabama, Eagles, and Restless Heart. These artists’ harmonious melodies captured his heart and inspired him to develop his unique sound. Abernathy’s love for harmony became a defining aspect of his musical identity.

Overcoming Challenges: A Balancing Act One of the most significant challenges Abernathy faced was balancing his teaching career with his passion for music. For the majority of his professional life, he taught seventh grade, and this came with financial constraints and time limitations. Despite receiving numerous requests to perform across the country, he couldn’t fully commit due to his teaching responsibilities. Even during the summer, he was tied up with a recurring camp, preventing him from pursuing his music. Between 1996 and 2010, Abernathy had to put his music career on hold before picking up local shows in the Birmingham, Alabama music scene.

The Turning Point: Seizing the Opportunity Despite the challenges, Abernathy’s passion for music never waned. Friends and fans had been encouraging him for years to take the leap and pursue music full-time. Finally, in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, his big break arrived. Someone discovered Abernathy’s original songs and offered him a residency in the vibrant music scene of Nashville. This opportunity required him to leave his teaching job every Tuesday, and remarkably, his school principal supported his musical endeavor. With only one year left until retirement after 25 years of teaching, Abernathy embraced the chance to open doors for Friday and Saturday night residencies in Nashville, allowing him to perform extensively.

A Multifaceted Artist Today, Robert Abernathy is more than just a country music artist. He is a versatile performer who not only showcases his own original songs but also serves as the lead singer in an Eagles tribute band as well as an Alabama tribute band. His journey has brought him full circle, and he is now living his dream of performing the music he loves and writing heartfelt lyrics.

Exciting New Projects Abernathy’s musical journey continues with exciting projects on the horizon. On November 10th, he will release a holiday song featuring Marissa Luna, Miss University of Alabama, complete with a captivating music video. Describing her as “incredibly talented” with an “amazing voice,” Abernathy’s collaboration promises to be a holiday treat. Furthermore, fans can anticipate the release of an EP in January, offering fresh tunes and meaningful lyrics.

“Redneck Magic” Collaboration Before you go, don’t forget to check out Robert Abernathy’s latest release, “Redneck Magic.” This song features artist SMO, known for his reality show on A&E and his former affiliation with Warner Music. Together, they deliver a catchy and memorable tune that showcases Abernathy’s versatility and musical prowess.

In conclusion, Robert Abernathy’s journey from a dedicated teacher to a celebrated country music artist is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and undeniable talent. His story is a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians, illustrating that dreams can come true through unwavering dedication to one’s craft. Keep an eye out for his upcoming releases and witness the continued ascent of this exceptional artist in the world of country music.


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