From being in a group that was the late 00s equivalent of The Migos to overcoming serving time, Really Rio will not quit.

Really Rio Goes For The Music Industry

Bouncing back from legal issues and moving forward in life is rough. Could you do it? Starting over is harder than it seems in any situation, but what about those who are forced to have gaps in their life? Independent artist, Really Rio is taking another shot at music as a solo artist over a decade later.


Really Rio & His Old Group

Really Rio (real name is Mario) is a performer and rapper from the small town of Richmond, California. With less than great role models surrounding him in his youth, Mario found himself in trouble, forcing him to bounce around schools. Fortunately, Mario found some like minds that wanted to pursue music.

Similar to the former rap group, The Migos, the group ‘Da 3for1 Deal’ was formed around their love for making trap/ street rap in the late 2000s. With the opportunity to tour across the United States, and have their music known across the world, the group had its success. According to Really Rio, Da 3for1 Deal was close to closing a deal with a major record label, but the deal was not exactly what they wanted. The group never had the chance to pursue another chance as Really Rio faced trouble with the law.


Trouble With The Law  and Music Career

According to reports, Really Rio faced time from 2009 through 2013 due to unlawful infractions. Halting his career for nearly four years. Part of the consequence Rio faced did not only affect him but his group members as well.

From doing a 25-show tour without having a mixtape and debuting their first tape at 15,000 downloads to being forced to spit up, Rio’s legal issues were too much.


Really Rio Is Connecting Music To Life

Really Rio | Alpha Magazines


Over the past few years, after earning his freedom, Rio is returning to music as a solo rapper. In a 2020 slice of an interview with Vents Magazine, Really Rio is embracing his unique life experience through music. The artist states, “One thing about being an artist is you have to explain your life in lyrics and make it all rhyme. It’s best to be organic because when you’re organic, it comes from the root.

We can agree, it is never easy to start all over after facing a life-altering situation. However, it does not seem to phase Really Rio. The artist seems to embrace the new start by pairing it with what he knows from his prior experience. 


New Releases Of 2023 From Really Rio

Starting with a strong start in 2023, Really Rio has released four singles ranging in sound. Part of the allure with Really Rio? He is not afraid to use his charming looks as a reason to make music about women. Rather than degrading, as most male rappers tend to do when artistically speaking about women, Really Rio’s song “Go Getter” expresses his willing physical submission to the woman he appreciates. 

Mario also explored working with Fantom, the producer, to create his latest release, “Going Up”. His readiness to explore sounds and tropes in music makes Really Rio an artist to watch. His tenacity and spirit to continue despite his past makes him an Alpha.


It’s Possible To Move Forward After Issues

While Really Rio’s music may travel around online through social media, he is staying focused as a creator and is not on any social platform. We believe Really Rio exemplifies moving forward in life and pursuing your dreams with no expiration date is possible.


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