R&B Artist KRYL8R from Cleveland Works the Music Game

Talented singer and rapper KRYL8R (pronounced “cry later”), comes from Cleveland, Ohio with a big vision for his music career. In fact, where he was raised has motivated him to be the most unique artist coming out of Ohio. 

KRYL8R’s parents, his mother who was from the suburbs and father from a low income urban area, had him at a young age. Their varying and youthful lifestyles influenced his perspective to see different sides of living. He hung out with kids from urban areas and suburban areas as well. Being around these different people who had different living situations taught him how to adapt in any environment.

Both parents have great taste in music. His Dad liked to play 90s hip hop like Jay-Z, Tupac while his mother would play 90s R&B such as Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Jill Scott, Erika Baydu so that’s all he would listen to. This definitely shaped him as a person and the kind of music he makes. 

I asked how pursuing a music career in Cleveland has impacted him. 

“It made me go harder. A lot of Cleveland artists that get known have a specific sound, but I come at it from a different angle.” Although he did admit it can be challenging to grow in the small town environment. 

While most musicians pursue their artistry in places like Atlanta or Los Angeles, KRYL8R outworks everyone else because it motivates him even more. It’s discouraging at times in Cleveland but it only makes him go harder. No artists in Cleveland are making the music he is and he stands out.

Currently he is promoting his latest single and visual ‘My Women’.  He is also finishing up an eight song project that he plans to release this year. 

“‘My Women’ was an R&B record. The next single I’m dropping is a rap record. The project will be a cohesive blend of both Rap and R&B”, he told me. 

Like every artist, life experience and relationships share an exquisite influence over the music that is made. His first album in 2019 titled “LoveTape” included songs related to the ups and downs of his relationships from high school and college.

One of his biggest inspirations and favorite artists in this industry is someone he was even able to collaborate with, Ye Ali. They did a feature on KRYL8R’s first album with a song called “Love Tape”. He had literally just started the music game and one of the reasons he started was Ye. Ye Ali has produced for artists like Chris Brown and Jack Harlow so this was a huge honor especially just starting out. Not only did he collaborate with Ye, but Ye complimented him and validated him as an artist. It was one of his proudest moments he expressed. 

If you’re new to entertainment, you’ll discover that pursuing a career in music takes connections,  financial support, and true independence. KRYL8R works in real estate on the side  flipping homes, which he uses for more money as well as investing back into his music career. He even built an incredible in-home studio with his own equipment. Most importantly he is self-sufficient to be able to create in his own home and support himself. 

When it comes to mixing and mastering his records, he outsources.  Engineer JahGotTheJuice has been working with him since the beginning and he thanks him for believing in his music career. In fact he said he wouldn’t be the artist he is today without him. When KRYL8R had no money, his engineer would mix all his songs for free. “He’s like a brother to me so I definitely want to give him credit.” IG – @jahgotthejuice 

As he’s grown and learned, new genres and sounds have been tested. As he matures, the music matures. “Women are definitely an influence on the music” he also added. Learning about himself and women the last few years only adds to the music.

There will be a few more singles released before his upcoming project. I can’t wait to hear his new work.”

Check out KRYL8R: 

IG @kryl8r_

Twitter @kryl8r_


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