Rap Artist 40XL’s Fruitful Career is Built Ground Up

Rap artist 40XL is heading into a huge shift in his music career heading in 2023 that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Formerly known as 40.Cal Hammerz, 40XL says he’s always been intrigued by music because he loves to see how he can be creative and tell his story. 

The music artist was born in Brooklyn, raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Throughout his life the many challenges he has faced and experiences he has gone through have not only shaped who he is but how he tells his story. 40XL told me about the wisdom he has gained from his life and the blessing it is to put that wisdom into words. “Music adds to life”, he said.

As a kid, he grew up in the ‘fight world’ because his father taught UFC fighters. His Dad taught him to be a fighter figuratively and literally. He even became a state champion a few years in a row. Fighting was second nature to him he said as he reflected on his childhood.

Fun as this may seem, life was pretty rough for him. By age 12, his Dad wasn’t around much anymore and so he was left simply trying to survive in the hood. 40XL and his family experienced very hard times and he had to “figure out how to be the man of the house”, he explained. He continued to say, “I learned young how to be an adult.”

When music began to peak his interest, the rapper found it was a new way for him to express himself, his creative mind, and saw it as an opportunity bigger than himself to do good in the world. He also found he was an excellent rapper. He explained that he “spits like a gun” and started excelling in the craft as he continued to explore the music world. 

40XL was connecting with people like Kool G Rap who inspired him and taught him how to move through “the game” as he calls the music business. He gained a  “Passion for music, being able to share creativity,” and help people get through their experiences by letting them know that other people have gone through hard times too. Kool G Rap, Jay Z, and Nas are some other big name artists he has had the pleasure of recording with and learning from. 

You might be asking where you’ve listened to his music? Well you’ve likely heard his two most recent single releases that are part of a larger project he is currently working tirelessly on:

  • “Gas” featuring Dave East
  • “Spike Lee” featuring Jadakiss and The Game

The new album “King DNA” is one of his favorite projects so far and he cannot wait for everyone to hear it in 2023. Other artists like Rick Ross will be featured along with several hot collaborations, and he even plans to tour in the spring.

A last bit of advice for fans from 40XL:

Be you no matter what, you know, everyone has their own goals and to go for it. The goal is not just to be a millionaire, but to obtain multiple streams of income so I can own my own time. You have to cherish it because time is something we can’t get back


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