Queens Mansion Academy founder shares what to do when reconnecting with your femininity as an independent woman

Plan to Renew Your Feminine Energy This Spring With Vange Cain

Spring is the time to bring new life and beginnings to our lives. This year we are recycling the idea of personal development with a mission to reconnect to our internal energy. 

Some of history’s boldest and ceiling-shattering women were aware of themselves before changing the world. Many fear that modern women are too independent and that feminism is harming women of today. While those fears may or may not hold a valid point in the larger conversation of women walking in their unique power, many, such as Vange Cain, believe that femininity can be powerful for the greater good of all.



According to the expert, reconnecting with the feminine energy internalized within can create better career opportunities, lifestyle, and relationships (both romantic and non-romantic). Cain states, “ I believe it is important for every woman to explore her gender and individuality, heal and become the best, most beautiful version of herself.

To be an advocate for oneself in all situations takes understanding. To be a better partner romantically means that you must come fully developed if you seek a fruitful relationship. This is the challenge this spring as more women are grasping for more.

Vulnerability is essential while exploring your inner woman. To get more out of life, according to Vange Cain, takes learning self-awareness tactics such as communication styles that work best for you and those around you. This may also come in the form of starting the journey to healing trauma to create fruitful romantic relationships in the future.



While many experts inflate women’s empowerment while deflating masculinity, Vange Cain states that men also contribute to feminine empowerment. In a recent interview with Disrupt Magazine, Cain says, “I tried to have discussions with others about my relationship, but there was often an underlying judgment. There was constantly a lack of understanding about the masculine and feminine polarity,” 

Noting the divide between men and women throughout the centuries, Vange takes an interesting stance toward empowering women. She continues, “20 years ago, there was no room for error on a man’s part. He [the man] had to be perfect, or he wasn’t worthy.” Making it clear that the man (or men) in your life should uplift the journey of replenishing your feminine energy.



While Vange Cain explores femininity within relationships exclusively, she has seen a shift in many women’s quality of life when exploring their internalized woman. “The idea is to start over with an open mind and heart,” states Cain. From the expert’s point of view, this renewal has led to more creativity and joy throughout one’s everyday life.

Cohorts designed to challenge yourself through deep questioning, daily activities, and getting reacclimated with oneself while being a no-judgment zone are available. However, this does not happen automatically. Women need safe spaces to explore in this phase. This is where the power of having a guide or a coach becomes necessary.



Vange Cain, Founder of Queens Mansion Academy | Alpha Magazines


Vange Cain is a modern woman that challenged society’s outlook on gender roles and archetypes. Outside of being a relationship coach, Cain is a model and author. Before it was packaged in a course, taking her own advice led her to do more in her life. 

From a young age, she wanted to be an empowered woman, unafraid to aim high and go for everything and anything. Modeling became an expression of achieving what many would identify as an unattainable goal. Going for it and becoming a model served as a fantastic way to release inhibitions and become more robust, Vange expressed.

Penning books such as ‘Unfold Your Petals’ has given readers more insight into becoming a well-rounded woman. Exploring the idea of what it means to be a woman and how the story of women is still evolving and changing. During her journey, she explored the question, “what is my role in this evolution?”  



Vange Cain has taken it upon herself to push boundaries and dabble in various fields to find her niche. That is the same hope she has for other women.

Vange explains, “Over the years, I have experimented with many things, such as modeling, writing, and working as a relationship coach. However, helping women become better connected with their feminine energy touched my heart most deeply.” 

She believes it is essential for every woman to explore her gender and individuality, heal and become the best, most beautiful version of herself. 



See what other women are saying about the Queens Mansion Academy. Vange, her coaches, and special guest host LIVE masterclasses and will guide you on your journey inward. Find your tribe while exploring yourself this spring.


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