Next Top Fashion Model Kristin Garcia is Paving the Way

Meet Kristin Garcia. Kristin is currently based in Los Angeles, California, the land of dreams and opportunity, but she originates from the small neighborhood of Linda Vista located in San Diego. Here, Kristin began modeling with many local photographers at the early age of 15. She continued to work diligently at perfecting her craft while also developing new talents along the way.
Presently, she is a full time model and stylist. Kristin holds several undergraduate degrees in fashion design, fashion merchandising, buying and fashion forecasting from the International Fashion Academy (IFA) of Paris. She has worked in production with Shannon Davidson for iconic brands including Versace and Giorgio Armani.
Kristin has also hit every runway in the notable “big four” of fashion weeks; New York, London, Milan and Paris. She walked for designers including Ashley Renee and Michael Lombard. Kristin has been published in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. She has been featured on billboards in Times Square and on an ad in the world’s largest mall in Dubai. Kristin’s work ethic is unmatched. For her fashion is not only an art and a business, it is a lifestyle.
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  • Coach
    2 years ago Reply

    Kristin Garcia is the Truth,, relentless and Driven to succeed in her Craft,,continuously developing,,
    I know of no one like her,, as they say,, Sky is the limit
    But for Kristin,, the Universe is her Goal. And I Believe she will conquer all and any Obstacles. Keep your eye out for Kristin in the near future,, but don’t Blink cause she’s
    Moving Fast

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