Music Executive and Artist Phresher Guides Youth How To Build Upon Their Craft

Brooklyn, NY native Phresher has been making major plays with some of the hottest upcoming music artists. He coined himself a natural born leader and was exposed to the world through traveling at a very young age. For him, everything is centered around artist development and has multiple platforms supporting his endeavors. He is a known artist himself and he also helps develop artists as well. He is currently working with Chinese Kitty. Phresher has been hustling to ensure that viewers take away jewels and inspiration through his productions. He has a lineup that will surely do just that. The plays he makes is exactly why they call him the “Play Maker.”

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Last year, he dropped Bacon Egg N Cheese and Juice podcast and returned for a second season on Memorial Day weekend this year. The podcast has had artists like Papoose, Designer, Caesar from Black Ink, and Mellow Racks. Aesthetics of the set places viewers on the stoop outside of a bodega, (Phresher Deli) with real conversations happening. Conversations that go beyond music, presented in the form of interviews.

Phresher with Whoopi Goldberg


Four months ago, Phresher started Pass the Aux which is a networking event. On the first come first serve basis, artists are able to come and play their songs, to be judged. This event isn’t only for music artists either. It is open to models, producers, and videographers, etc. to come and showcase their talents as well.

A couple of months later, Phresher created the Still Got Da Juice platform where artists can perform their latest records. This set gives modern day Rap City vibes with either single artists and or a group of artists performing at once. He designed this showcase to appeal to the younger demographic and new episodes will air daily on YouTube and Instagram. Cassidy, Neek Bucks, and Breezy have also been on. Still Got Da Juice competition still happens monthly and has been hosted by Hot 97 with Drewski, other celebrity guests, and judges. Over 600 people typically attend, and the winner wins $1000 and a feature from Phresher. It may seem as though Phresher prefers chaos, but that is because he has a master plan.

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He wants to give the younger demographic a chance to represent themselves as hot artists in New York. Getting the most out of his music career includes giving room for youth to build upon their craft. Phresher’s ultimate goal is to eventually speak with politicians and perhaps become the biggest motivational speaker and executive in the next 10 years. He praises himself on speaking about self-love, preservation, fitness, and nutrition. Everything he’s doing doesn’t only speak to artist development. Phresher is also bouncing back while rebuilding all of his platforms. 

“Greatness doesn’t need approval. Do you. Be you. Unapologetically.” -Phresher

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