With over 20 years in business, Misti Morningstar continues to deliver vegan-friendly soaps with anti-aging properties from plants

The Savage Soaps Founder Is A Fragrance Engineer For Vegan Soaps

All soaps are not as clean as one would think. When washing with traditional liquid or a bar of soap do you realize the chemical trail left on your skin and within the water? Since the turn of the century vegan soaps have earned a reputation for being hit or miss. So what does it mean when a soap is vegan?

What’s the difference between vegan soap and regular soap?

Again, traditional soaps have chemicals in the product that eliminate them from being eco-friendly. These soaps are also made with animal fat or bi-product depending on the manufacturer’s process. Mass-produced bar soap and body wash products are easier to buy and may cost less but they also have far less benefits than vegan soaps that contain natural glycerin.

Woman-owned and one of Maryland’s multi-year Top MBE 100 (Minority-Women Owned Business Enterprise), Misti Morningstar of Savage Soaps is open about “talking dirty”. The brand was featured on Steve Harvey’s 2017 show ‘Funderdome’ and has shown a passion for clean skincare for over 20 years. As the Founder of Savage Soaps, Morningstar clarifies what handmade organic body washes can do.


Misti Morningstar is a Fragrance Mixologist

Founder, Misti Morningstar, always had an insatiable love for soaps, aromatherapy, and healing. After being frustrated with all of the chemically-packed soaps on the market, Misti spent several years perfecting her own recipe by handcrafting small batch soaps infused with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients.

All products are noted as vegan, color-free, cruelty-free, palm oil free, and natural handmade. All fragrances are crafted and scent tested in-house of the Savage Soap Maryland location by Morningstar herself.


Savage for all 

Savage Soapshigh-quality standards in handmade soaps by crafting small gourmet batches. The brand has an extensive array of body care products that are made daily, which all serve their own purpose. Other products include; Salt Scrubs, Body Butter, and Body Sprays. Due to its plant base properties, many of the products have been noted to aid skin elasticity, wrinkles, minimize pores, and increase hydration. Long-term use of soaps like ‘Power Shield’ or ‘Lizard Queen’ along with the ‘Morningstar Elemi Rose Facial Oil’ can help keep skin appear vibrant and youthful.

Facial routines have been made to be complex over the years. However, for those who can not spare 45 minutes a day to treat their skin, Morningstar recommends simplifying the process. She likes to refer to her process as “Skinplistic” by simply using a Savage Soap as a cleanser, then oil or serum to lock in moisture.


Savage for feminine care

Vajingo by Savage Soaps


Another area that Morningstar takes into consideration when creating products is feminine care. Earlier this month Nick Cannon brought up the sensitive subject of a feminine odor that ironically can be brought on by a partner’s bad hygiene. Savage Soaps CEO stated, “I was not aware of this recent incident but we would definitely like to be ‘the’ solution. A woman’s pH levels can be thrown off easily.” When creating products for feminine hygiene use fragrances and essential ingredients are a serious business for the soap company.

Their first femme hygiene solution, ‘Vagingo’ bar soap is made with their base ingredients of vegetable saponified olive oil, rice bran oil, and coconut oil. The cleverly named soap is lightly scented with red raspberry, pau d arco, lavender, orange, anise, and essential oils. The natural properties of the essential oils and infused herbs help to combat odor, UTIs, dryness, maintain proper pH, and fight Candida yeast. The added essential oil, Ylang Ylang, is a known natural aphrodisiac that makes this soap a bar above the rest.

Though the product is focused on clearing odors, it can be enjoyed for the refreshing scent. Many of the products from Savage Soaps can be used all over and beyond the intended purpose.

Savage for Men

Women are not the only ones to take to the brand. When dealing with other plant-base skincare brands men are usually forgotten about. Morningstar states, “Men like having great skin too. They are often used to the traditional soaps because it is all they know,” She continues, “Men find our products for them through the women in their lives.

Their male care soaps have more earthy scents similar to traditional male-targeted soaps. You will find masculine top notes of pine, juniper, bergamot, cumin, and basil; with base notes of patchouli, leather, cedar, amber, musk, and frankincense in their ‘Dude’ bar soap. These fragrances are accompanied by the brand’s signature ingredients that will make skin clear and radiant.

For men who prefer a mint finish on their scent, notes of peppermint leaf, peppermint & spearmint oils should be sought after. The catchy named scented soap for men, ‘Peter’s Piper’ from the soap brand carries those fragrance notes and more.

When transitioning to natural fragrances, gender aside, rebuilding a desired personal scent may be required. Natural fragrances tend to be subtle but can linger after long-term use.


Savage Women 

Known in the state of Maryland for helping women from all over the world, the company has been noted as Maryland’s Top 100 MBEs multiple times over the past 20 years. “Some of the women that we have helped came here [America] to further their education. We welcome them, and all other women, by offering opportunities to learn or participate in work internships.”

Savage Soaps is located near Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Women attending there have reached out to the company with an interest in learning more about natural soap. A few have even been from Costa Rica, Estonia, Canada, and of course the USA. “I’ve kept in contact with some of the women that have since gone back to their respective countries,” Morningstar notes, “There is one specifically from Estonia that I continue to correspond with and we also use her as one of our Savage Soaps models in our marketing.” With the company’s mission to create opportunities, and utilize natural resources to create sustainable products it is understandable why they hold this title.


Vegan Gifts For Holidays, Weddings, and Other Special Occasions

Shopping for loved ones who appreciate sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles can be difficult. More eco-warriors are being conscious about gifts or gifting sustainable products. From packaging to product, we highly recommend Savage Soaps as an eco-friendly gift for all occasions.

What other vegan-friendly products perfect for gifting should we know about? Tell us in the comments below!


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