Meet the Talent Discovery Master, PB

Originally from Saint Louis, Arthur ‘PB’ Carmack always been a hustler. When he was younger, his first job was shining shoes. He knew he had the drive to be great in his future and he knew just the way to do it.  ‘PB’ knew rapper Nelly since he was younger as he was his neighbor. As ‘PB’ got older, he found his niche in promoting and told himself once he graduated high school, he had to find Nelly and work for him. Being a close friend of Future Ali helped get reconnect to Nelly. He started a working relationship in 2004 which lasted Nelly for 10 years as a local promoter for him. 

In 2012, ‘PB’ dove into marketing and promotion and his work started to speak for itself. He currently has credits of 5.0 and Brass Knuckles. He’s worked with Loose Cannon Slim with Mike Headline of Miami, from Live on Sundays for a couple more years doing street team and marketing work. In 2014, he relocated to Atlanta and launched his management company, Promoter PB Consulting and Booking. He got with Johnny who taught him celebrity booking and gave him the game. He worked side by side with Johnny who also offered his network. This is when PB career began to soar when he started to work with the biggest booking agents in the world for Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj

Ironically, PB was never into management but by growing up with comedian and actor, Hitman Holla and hanging out with comedian DC Young Fly, he was often approached with the idea. Being that he was best friends with Hitman, PB obliged and in 2015 he became his manager. A short time after, PB was introduced to the multi-talented actor, host, and comedian, Nick Cannon. This led to the opportunity of a lifetime when he started to book talent for the show Wild “N Out. ‘PB’ is the ONLY manager that’s tied in and creates revenue in booking talent that opens and closes the show and has been doing that for three years. He booked the talent for the last three Wild “N Out tours as well.

‘PB’ has now mastered talent bookings, advertising, marketing, and promotions. He does day-to-day bookings of celebrities worldwide, and also manages clientele. After taking a month to rest, he just finished booking talent for 18 films, and will be filming 52 episodes which is season 19 and 20 of Wild “N Out to be released back to back. He has an impressive client list as well; from television stars, small business owners, actors, to comedians, influencers, and musicians. Some from this list includes: August Alsina, Tyler Chronicles, Dessie Dior, Funny Marco, comedians Conceited, DC Young Fly, and Hittman Holla, MeCole Hardman from the Kansas City Chiefs, Youtubers Mykel, Mya Nicole, and K.D. the Kid. Two of his tope favorite people to meet was the talented Drake and legendary Deion Sanders, and ‘PB’s’ favorite person in the industry currently, Jada Wayda.

‘PB’ envisions himself managing artists bringing in millions for shows. He’s on the hunt for superstar artists that can take him to the next plateau. Currently, he’s working on booking talent for more tours including big artists coming out of his booking company. He currently works with television stars small business owners, actors, comedians, influencers, and musicians. He wanted to help artists figure out a way that they can help enhance their followers experience. 


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