Meet the Next Young Michael Jackson star of ‘MJ the Musical’, Chris McMiller

Born in Ewing, NJ, Chris McMiller stuck out from the very beginning of his youth. He was kicked out of middle school, and then kicked out of high school. After going to a different high school, he voluntarily dropped out of there as well. He then enrolled in the JRTC youth program. He dropped out as a tenth grader, finished high school that year, and graduated at the age of 16. He wanted to be an FBI investigator but didn’t want to study or go to school. He went to college and decided that wasn’t for him either. 

He has always heard that he had a face for TV, but when a close friend told him that, he started to tap into what she was saying. At times he supported his friend while she was pursuing her goals. And during that time he would sit back and watch his favorite movies. He knew the lines of so many movies so well, one would think he wrote the scripts. He had an undeniable spark about himself and it was evident. Chris feels like every move that he’s made since he was younger has placed him in certain situations that he has encountered.

He was an extra for Prom Date, Marry Me, and Power. While on the set of Power, the director approached him with the opportunity to stand in for a Power character, Tarique. He also was one of the top three remaining in casting for the leading role of the new Bel Air series. Shortly after, he started to meet celebrities from Will Smith and Tyler Perry to sitting courtside with Kanye West. He’s been to places like the VMA’s and the Met Gala and he’s been in rooms that not everybody can get into.

His agent, Kreative Artists, brought him casting information for a major breakthrough in his career and he had to jump on it. He had seen the production a month prior and felt that he manifested being a part of it. Chris knew this was indeed going to change his life.

He looked at the script of the role knowing he wasn’t a singer or dancer. However, he auditioned via Zoom and got a call from the director four days later inviting him to the theater. He was asked to sing Human Nature and then Thriller. Not too long after, while on the phone with his agent, he learned that he was booked. Chris McMiller got the leading role, playing the young Michael Jackson in “MJ the Musical.”

Chris has already started singing lessons, dance rehearsals, and working with costume designers. He’s been on a wild journey and he can’t believe it. Sometimes he loves to daydream and the visions that he’s had has come true so far.

He will also be playing himself in his own featured short film. He has also been getting career-shifting opportunities and he’s only 22 years old. He never takes no for an answer and if he doesn’t get selected for a role, it won’t stop him from casting for another.

Chris’s ultimate goal is he wants a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. He also wants to leave a legacy behind. The absolute best thing for him would be for someone to play him in a movie. And he would love for them to be as excited playing him as he is playing the young Michael Jackson. The production will start Spring of 2023. Be on the lookout for Chris McMiller as this isn’t the last of him that we will see.

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