Meet Comedian Bubba Dub

He’s the hilariously funny comedian and actor that says what nobody else wants to say. Bubba Dub was born and raised in Alto, TX, a town so small its population was approximately 2000 people. He got his start in comedy in 2017 and had a healthy comedic presence on YouTube and Facebook. His career jumped off when rapper 50 Cent added his ‘Snitchin on Rogers’ skit on Pop Smoke first album, track #8, titled, ‘Snitchin’. 50 Cent was executive producer of the album and posted it to his Instagram page, amongst several other celebrities. This took things up a notch for Bubba and his career only went up from there.

 Bubba Dub is currently a standup comedian and his first show was at Dallas Texas Improv in 2018. The crowd reaction was extremely satisfying, he’s never been booed at a show, and he also came up with the phrase ‘Trash’ about seven months ago. He’s made a name for himself and his originality and quick wit afforded him NBA and NFL connections, features on different podcasts, including his roast on Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘The Big Podcast’’, and appeared as a special guest on MTV’s Ridiculousness. Bubba Dub also wants to show his versatility as he’s naturally funny but acting is something he’s always wanted to venture into.

 Inspired by some of the greats including Bernie Mac and Richard Pryor, it’s Bubba Dub’s passion to break out into Hollywood. He has three upcoming films of which two of them he wrote with a partner; Kayro, a film in which he will star in to be released December 2022, In Bloody Nickels, he plays a character that hustles and lets love control his actions, to be released October 2022, and Roger’s Coming Home, which shows plight of a man in prison, released early due to the pandemic, to be released next year 2023. 

 Bubba Bub is currently growing Bubba Dub Entertainment (BDE), his company that grooms and prepares comedians for stage, teach them show presence during performances, sharpening their material, and overall giving them a chance by showing them something different. Bubba Dub is also on the 20-city Trashh Tour with three other comedians, Jerrell Braswell, Eddie Green, and Brandon Play Too Much. His future goals consist of writing more movies, expanding show venues outside of comedy clubs, into arenas and stadiums, and continuing to mold new comedians that will keep us laughing for years to come. 


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