Meet Celebrity Coat Brand Business Owner Zohaib Shah

If you are a fan of fashion, you are going to love to read about Zo’s story. From someone who grew up in Pakistan, came to United States knowing no English to now becoming the go to celebrity coat designer for the biggest celebrities such as French Montana, 50 cent, Floyd Mayweather, Meek Mills, Fivio, DMX, Camron and Jadakiss. Meet Zohaib Shah creator and founder of DaRucci Leather. The brand takes pride in hand crafting and manufacturing their coats straight out of their own facility.

He arrived in the US at age 13 with his family. They faced struggles but Zohaib refused to accept them. He had a vision of one day building his brand. You see he use to take sample coats to stores and they always wanted a discount where the store would sell it for way more. That’s when he told himself that he could just sell it on his own. He got a retail store, and he remembers sitting down and looking at the brick wall, it was 2:30am and told himself, “I’m going to have celebrities sign that wall.” He went through a lot of sacrifices, but he didn’t stop. His advice to others who want to chase their dreams, “The name of the game is believing in yourself, if you don’t believe in yourself, you are never going to get anything done in life. So have faith in yourself, close your eyes, and go for your goal. Stop worrying about if it is going to take off or not. Just go for it and give it 110%. You are going to have to sacrifice a lot of relationships, your family, time. All that has to happen for you to become successful on what you are trying to achieve.”

In 2020 his father passed away and is saddened that he is not here to see how far he has achieved with so many celebrities wearing his coats. He even remembers listening to 50 cent in 6th grade to the song “Get Rich or Die Trying” and learning English through that song. Now 50 Cent is a friend of his who wears his coats. He then added that they both were his inspirations.


Zohaib Shah is an example of someone who no matter the circumstances didn’t give up and achieved so much. I’m sure his father would be so proud of him seeing everything he has accomplished. His goal is to take his brand to an international level and open store fronts worldwide. You can find his coats at 


IG @daruccileather


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