Meet Artist Manager, Maine

Hailing from Rochester, New York, Maine lived a life surrounded by music; however, his true passion was writing. While in school, his English teacher encouraged him to pursue it because it was so good at it. If he knew someone had to story to tell, he wanted to be able to write it before anyone else did. Even after attending college to pursue a business degree, Maine stuck to what his heart truly desired. Sometime after, he coupled his passion with dedication and that launched him on his business venture.

In 2016, Maine wrote and published Zoe Pound Mafia: The Haitians That Took Over the Streets and Muscled the Hip-Hop Industry. This biography is a nonfictional account of triumph, tribulation, and injustice. This book can now be found on all major publication platforms. Maine had a vast background and since he knew music as well as the business, he executed a plan to use his skills to capitalize.

After releasing his book, Maine dove into the producing side of the music. He always wanted to be on the backside, never the forefront, believing if he was going to do something, he should be paid it, and his name should be put on it. With that mindset, he demonstrated his skills and founded a production company in 2018, J.T.K. Productions. Within this production company, Maine books talents for different shows and transports talent to theater spaces to perform. Working solo, Maine has worked with over 50 artists and is now managing his own music artist, Babii J. Together they are working on an upcoming album and Babii J.’s performances will start Halloween weekend in Miami at Suns Out Buns Out.  

While flourishing on the music production side, Maine never loosened his grip on what mattered the most to him, which was writing. A few more of his current goals include working to secure venue space to open a nightclub, continue to produce music, while continuing to find and book new talent for shows. Maine is also planning on launching a touring agency. His ultimate goal is to make Babii J. a household name; while utilizing him as the first client to gain massive exposure for him and the tour agency. Maine will then use this move to transition into writing television scripts, which he already started to prepare for.


FB: Jermaine Atkins
IG: Moneytrainmaine

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