Marley Stash Mother's Day Gift Guide: Discreet Cannabis Accessories Designed for Women

6 Discreet Cannabis Accessories Designed With Women In Mind

Cannabis is quickly becoming a form of self-care amongst women as they turn to holistic methods to treat their health and wellness needs. As the sales of cannabis to female customers increase, a 2023 survey revealed women still feel the need to hide their usage due to the stigma associated with cannabis.

Consequently, the demand for discreet and feminine smoking accessories is rising. Many cannabis accessories on the market are designed to look like everyday items, and women are using them to conceal and disguise their stash. Here are some suggestions if you are looking for discreet accessories for the women in your life.


Cupcake Herb Grinder

Cupcake Grinder | Marley Stash Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 | Alpha Magazines


This Pink Cherry Cake Grinder by Fake Cakery is an affordable and effective classic. The aluminum material ensures durability, and the color adds a pop of personality and can add a touch of fun to your smoking setup.


Lipstick Pipe

Lipstick Dugout kit | Marley Stash Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 | Alpha Magazines


The Marley Stash Lipstick Dugout is designed to be portable, inconspicuous, and easy to use.
It’s a smoking pipe that is fully equipped with a stash compartment, one-hitter pipe, and poker to keep your pipe clean. This discreet one-hitter dugout is the perfect companion for discreetly smoking cannabis on the go. Use code ALPHAMAG2023 at checkout.


Dual Purpose Hairbrush

Dual Hair Brush | Marley Stash | Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 | Alpha Magazines


The Stash N Style brush is a dual-purpose brush with a secret storage for your stash and just about anything you don’t want easily discovered. These brushes have a hidden compartment located at the bottom of the brush handle that can be unscrewed or opened to reveal a storage area.


Vase Bud

Vase Bud | Marley Stash Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 | Alpha Magazines


Vase Bud is both functional and stylish. These smokeable vases are made from glass, porcelain, and ceramic. These bongs also have the remarkable ability to blend into your everyday home décor.


Secret Storage Pens

Black Stash Pen | Marley Stash Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 | Alpha Magazines


SPECIAL-K BLACK looks like your everyday pen but is a vaporizer. These vape pens are designed to be portable, easy to use, and to blend in with everyday items such as pens or markers, making them an ideal option for those who want to vape discreetly in public places.


Fancy Globe Ashtray

Fancy Ash Tray | Marley Stash Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023 | Alpha Magazines


This mini globe ashtray is a beautiful and ornate piece with a pearl-like and metallic floral design. So gorgeous it looks like a work of art and adds beauty to any scene. While traditional ashtrays serve a practical purpose, this ashtray is designed to be both functional and visually appealing, making them a popular choice among those who value style and elegance.

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