From Jaguar Commercials & Golden Globes to selling Estates for Bvlgari, Missoni, and Six Senses. Marcelo is the connection to luxury real estate in the UAE

Marcelo Olguín is The Luxury Real Estate Advisor of Dubai

From starring in Jaguar commercials and attending red carpets, to now selling the dream in the middle east. Marcelo Olguín knows luxury. The actor turned real estate investor advisor now spends his days in the world’s most opulent spaces helping families and investors find their paradise in the UAE. Though Olguín is just in the beginning stages of his success story in real estate, there was a time he was not able to afford to stay anywhere except a fast food restaurant for the night.


Who is Marcelo Olguín


With strong Italian roots, Marcelo was born and raised in Argentina to a middle class working family. With aspirations to create a different life for himself, he left Argentina for Shanghai with 500 dollars in 2011.  The actor and business man remembers a time he had to sleep in McDonald’s to not waste my money in hotels. “When you arrive in Shanghai directly from Argentina, without knowing any other city in the world, you discover another planet. Shanghai is an extremely luxurious city.

The city inspired Olguín to upgrade his lifestyle. In pursuit of his desires, Marcelo found himself doing business in exporting goods to factories in China. During his involvement in the traded goods industry he was introduced to an opportunity to model. Modeling and trading became the foundation to create the stability he was seeking.


Scouted to become an actor

In an act of coincidences, he was given the opportunity to become an actor. Olguín states “I was in Shanghai and someone offered me a very important role in an action TV series. I thought it was a lie until I got the script,” He explains “In the first day of shooting I was in the mountain, they put cables on me to jump high. It felt great. That was the moment I realized how incredible it is to be an actor.

The opportunity allowed him to do television, film, and commercials. Over the years, Marcelo has had the chance to attend the Cannes Film Festival, The Golden Globes, and a plethora of other events that has put him in the room with influential colleagues from around the world.  Despite his beginning, he is not unfamiliar with shaking hands with high earners. His new found lifestyle gave him another set of skills to further his career in another business venture.


MMO Homes

Marcelo Olguín can be considered a citizen of the world, as he does not put boundaries on where he goes. Currently a citizen in Dubai, he saw the beauty and grandeur that the UAE exuded. For the second time of his life, he became infatuated by the luxury lifestyle a city presented. Simultaneously, Olguín was introduced to the investment agendas that Dubai had to offer. “When I moved to Dubai, I started to receive calls from friends from all over the world who wanted to buy properties in Dubai due the no tax policy in general and the high level of tourist attractions.”  

MMO Homes was founded to introduce investors to the middle east. According to the Dubai Media Office back in March, “The visitor numbers to the emirate last year were up 32 per cent year-over-year” this data was based on the DET (Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism). Even the business man has his own attraction to the Emirates, “I wanted to move to a country where I could make my dreams come true, get my residency easily, where the sun shines 365 a year, and of course with the luxury lifestyle.” Luxury is something that his real estate firm is accustomed to.


Real estate investment in Dubai

When diversifying your portfolio with real estate there are perks. Currently Dubai is a hot market for years to come due to the attractions that bring tourists. Though MMO homes has not exclusively stated that homes can be put on platforms similar to AirBnB, investors do cater to the holiday/ vacation crowd. “A big part of my clients invest into properties that they then leave to our holiday homes team, which generate on average 10% ROI yearly. This is the highest income generated on holiday homes rentals globally, no other country comes close. Some family businesses own 20-100 apartments and build their wealth from it.” 

MMO Homes is comprised of a large team that can cover any type of luxury property deals, from affordable apartments with a view of the Burj Khalifa starting at $250,000, to extremely luxury villas on The Palm Jumeirah at $60,000,000 and up.


Six Senses & MMO Homes

Fashion brands such as Bvlgari and Missoni have also expanded into the real estate market in the UAE with luxury estates and apartments. When weighing our options on which to buy, MMO Homes believes there are better options for the new coming investors, “Bvlgari is a very good development, it was an excellent investment for the investors that bought early, it already had its appreciation.” However, despite the aforementioned properties appreciation value, the real estate firm does offer these commodities as an option to their clientele.

The hot current project exclusive to their clientele  is a Penthouse within Six Senses on the Palm Jumeirah. It has the quality, amenities, private beach and a brand behind them similar to the Bvlgari estates. The only difference is the investors can still buy without the excessive premium price applied to it, that finished properties already have.

Six Senses is an astonishing project, fully sustainable, wellness inspired and driven. The property is fully equipped  with: a private beach, cigar room, wine cellars, multiple restaurants and bars, private cinema, tennis courts, beauty salons, a clinic and many more perks. It will have a full sea view and according to MMO Homes, will appreciate greatly over the time. The owners don’t even have to leave the complex.


Crypto & real estate in Dubai

Dubai is well known as the crypto capital. The government put vast efforts into the legislation for the crypto assets which allow all those crypto billionaires and crypto entities to move to Dubai and invest in different projects/assets.

Crypto tying into Real Estate it is still new, but MMO Homes believes  that adding crypto creates a space for newer companies. “We are at the forefront of the innovation,” elaborating with, “We are a young innovative company that can accept any type of crypto if the clients would like to buy a property with USDT, Bicoin, Solana , Polkadot and/or any other crypto currency that they are holding.

According to MMO Homes, Dubai has the cheapest price per sqft compared to other important cities such as Hong Kong, New York or London. There’s a huge space for appreciation in the future. Also the imminent future is looking extremely positive. Olguín states, “I have never seen in any other country such a rapid and a colossal appreciation like here in such a short time. Certain projects deliver 100% ROI in just 3 months. This is a place to make money.


Is Marcelo Olguín the world’s next business mogul?

While MMO Homes Founder does admit being partially retired from acting to become a success in real estate, his career in the industry may always reprise in different capacities. Writing, directing, and producing as the businessman reveals a film project that was underway before the world was interrupted, “I was starting to collect funds to produce a Spanish film, I went to Argentina to meet producers, directors, writers and then the covid started.” 

Marcelo Olguín & MMO Homes are two entities worth paying attention to over the next 5 years. For now, keep up with both the stunning luxury estates and the model/actor on his instagram.

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