Dion McGregor believes ancient societies had the science of beauty right the whole time.

Luxury Skincare Is A Science According to The Skinfeed Cosmetic Founder

Bringing ancient synergistic science into our modern-day beauty is the goal for this cosmetic and skincare brand. The Skinfeed Cosmetic is officially preparing itself to be a beauty shelf staple in 2023. The Jamaican-Canadian owned brand by Dion McGregor will be expanding where the products are sold in the U.S. and Canada starting at the beginning of next year. 

What Is The Synergistic Effect 

The Skinfeed Cosmetic Green Feed system


According to the Founder, the synergistic effect is based on a system of balancing the skin. When the system is used properly your skin health is clinically proven to increase. Dion states, “The synergistic effect is equally as crucial to a smooth, radiant, and glowing complexion when it comes to skincare,

Since our skin is unique to us, science should play a larger role in our daily beauty routines. Synergistic skincare from companies like The Skinfeed Cosmetic focus on the facts of each product. This allows science-based formulas, organic ingredients, and clinically-proven benefits. Dion notes, “Each cell must work together in perfect harmony to achieve the best possible benefits.


More than Clean Beauty For All


As more of us are getting wiser about beauty ingredients we are also demanding clinical science to back the claims. The beauty industry has introduced oils and serums to assist in obtaining specific skin goals. Unfortunately, not many know how it all works. 

The chemical makeup even behind natural oils are known not to work together or can cause irritation when used in combination. This can lead to your skin reacting in various ways. Often enough, we do not realize some products and oils should not be used together. 


Where To Find Skinfeed Cosmetic 

The Skinfeed Cosmetic Quad Facial Elixir


We have concluded, understanding what works as a system and what does not to keep your skin at its best takes guidance. It is easy to go to the store or online to get any product sold us. Knowing if it is right for you is the challenge. This includes cosmetic products as well.

Owner and Founder, Dion McGregor is a pharmaceutical technician. While understanding chemical makeup is important, she advocates for natural products to help achieve goals as well. With the slogan “WE ARE THE ARCHITECT OF FEEDING YOUR SKIN.” the brand is focused on delivering solutions, not just cover-ups.

This brand is one of the few cosmetics companies that support all men, women, and gender-fluid persons. The company is currently sold on Walmart’s website and seeking to expand to an official beauty retail store in early 2023.


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