Kenya Moore Talks IVF and the Luxuries of Motherhood

Kenya Moore Talks IVF and the Luxuries of Motherhood

09/05/2021 14:09

When you think Kenya Moore you may automatically think RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta) or Reality Television in general. Our interview with Mrs. Kenya Moore (Daly) back in December 2020 shows how multi-faceted and passionate the philanthropist/ entertainer/ business mogul is. She expresses how her journey as an entrepreneur has prepared her for IVF while opening up about major milestones in her life. 

Using her Grandma’s Boutique shop as a stepping stone to Miss USA

Before she was crowned a Housewife of Atlanta, thanks to her friend who was close to the producers at the time, Moore was nationally know as one of the highest regarded ‘Miss’ in the United States. Winning the Miss USA pageant, Moore was crowned the 42nd Miss USA and only the 2nd black Miss USA next to Carole Anne-Marie Gist. She credits her grandmother’s boutique in Detroit for giving her the opportunity to model, as this was the stepping stone that enabled her to get noticed by photographers, pageants, and agents. 

Entrepreneurship helped her with IVF

In an unlikely accreditation, Moore does accredit her journey of entrepreneurship for helping her with IVF. Due to the high cost of getting a procedure like this done, she understands that it because her resources she was allowed to experience the option of IVF. Moore’s platform of RHOA may have given her self named hair care line ( Kenya Moore Hair Care) the success it needed as it can be found in over 2200 stores across the America. However, she is ensuring her platform has purpose to those that support her as well.

Supporting the Baby Quest Foundation

Over the last year and a half Moore has officially become the ambassador for Baby Quest Foundation, which grants money to women moving forward with IVF. The program is to enable those who can not afford the opportunity on their own to get funded. Moore states “Money should not be a factor when trying to live a dream of having a family.” and continue to express that she appreciates the foundation for their values. Her goal is to ensure her fans know of resources that they can turn to no matter their situation.

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